Congress Hates Christians, Whites, Men

World Net Daily
March 10, 2019
by Jesse Lee Peterson

This week Congress passed a resolution against “hate,” which is laughable. Never has Congress been filled with more hateful people. We have a government full of evil liberals and cowardly RINO Republicans who hate Christians, whites and men.

The resolution was prompted by Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar, D.-Minn., a far-left radical who hates Christians and Jews. She’s pretending to care about American sovereignty by attacking Israel-supporters and painting them as greedy and corrupt. But when you look at the immoral things she supports, you see she’s as bad – or worse – than the people she’s attacking.

Ilhan Omar is for everything that’s destroying America – women killing the unborn, radical homosexuals attacking Christians and indoctrinating children, Muslim refugees and illegal aliens flooding in unchecked. And she hates Israel. She herself is a Somalian refugee – she should have been sent back home long ago. She pretends to get along with only the corrupt Jews and whites who support what she’s about.

In the end, the resolution did not name Ilhan or punish her for her hypocrisy and dishonesty. In fact, the resolution condemned so-called “anti-Muslim bigotry,” kissing up to the radical leftist Muslim politicians and the spiritually blind people who support them. Because of people like Ilhan and her supporters, we’re losing our freedoms here in America – good people are under attack, and there is nowhere else to go.

There’s no such thing as racism, sexism, homophobi-ism, Islamophobi-ism, deadbeat-dad-ism or anti-Semitism. There is only love or hate, right or wrong, good or evil. Those are made-up words pushed by the children of the lie to deceive victim-minded people, in order to control them. These phony ideas distract people from their own false judgments within – and to justify their hatred of decent whites, Christians and men.

Evil knows that if it can corrupt and weaken whites, Christians and men, then it can rule over America completely. That’s why you see the insane attacks against our president, the Great White Hope.

President Trump is a real man, a conservative Christian, and a rich and powerful white man. He’s from the old school, not politically correct, not intimidated by phony physical identities. Whether you’re black, Hispanic, white, Muslim, Jewish, or Christian, a man or a woman – if you are evil and attack him, he’s calling you out. If you’re innocent or unjustly attacked, he’ll defend you. He’s a fair-minded man of courage.

We saw this with Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville riot, when city leadership allowed Antifa to attack whites who had a permit to protest. He called out both sides where they were wrong, and said there were also fine people on both sides. But the media and liberals want him to attack the whites only, and call them all “Nazis.” The attacks provoked a white man to drive into a crowd, injuring agitators and protestors in the street and killing one woman.

Two months ago, we saw another resolution passed against so-called “white supremacy,” which does not even exist. It was prompted by an attack on a good man, Rep. Steve King, R.-Iowa, who speaks out strongly on immigration, in favor of a wall, wants whites to have more much-needed babies, and defends Western Civilization. King was removed from his committees by RINO Republican Kevin McCarthy.

In their words, a black radical Muslim woman Ilhan Omar was given a pass for being wrong, while a white conservative Christian man Steve King was attacked for being right, for being a nationalist. Steve King is a good man – he loves the country. He should have been president instead of Bush or Obama.

The resolution two months ago also condemned “white nationalism” and white people’s right to be proud of their heritage. Everyone else can be proud of their phony identities except white people. Whites are under attack in their own country as they allow so-called people of color who hate them to come in and take over – and most whites are too weak to fight back or say anything about it. And the ones who do are demonized and falsely maligned.

I’ve said it before: The open attacks on whites’ rights, property, and very lives in South Africa – the same is coming here to America. Then there will be nowhere else to go. Christians, men, whites and all people of good will had better wake up and stand up. If people don’t speak out and fight back against the lies, then even President Trump will not be able to save this country.

The children of the lie want whites either afraid or angry, so that they fight back in the wrong way. Then they can point out the whites doing wrong and pretend the attack on white rights is justified.

The way to overcome fear and spiritual blindness is to overcome anger. Pray and get to know yourself, and forgive your mothers for passing down their anger and emotions to you, and return to fathers so that you can return to God. Then you can fight this spiritual battle with power and perfect love.

Here’s the new rule: ALWAYS assume the media is lying. Wait at least two days anytime they announce a “bombshell,” because that’s usually all it takes for their fake news hoaxes to be exposed as fake news hoaxes. If someone on the right needs to be denounced, wait until the party leader does it first. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut. If you need help, just repeat this: “Mumble-mumble, need to wait until all the facts are in, blah-blah deeply personal.” You’re welcome.

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