Enough with the Conservative Circular Firing Squad, Already

League of Power
March 8, 2019
by Mark Patricks

What We Can Learn from the Democrats (The One Thing They’re Better At than Us)

To every conservative eager to signal your virtue to the liberal media, please get off the fence. Either jump off on the liberal side and go join the Democrats, which we suspect you kind of want to do anyway or jump off on the winning side. That’s the side that has Donald Trump on it.

It’s also the side that likes to fight and win – even if that means getting our hands dirty, displaying toxic masculinity and using only two pronouns to describe gender. If you find President Trump to be icky and you just can’t wait to stab another conservative in the back, in hopes of being invited to Anderson Cooper’s next cocktail party, in all seriousness: GET. OFF. THE. FENCE.

You know where the Democrats really kick conservative’s butts? Message discipline. We could learn a lot by watching how Democrats and the liberal media treat their own, compared to how our side which is somehow still chock-full of RINOs gets treated by our supposed “allies.”

Let’s start with the lowest-hanging fruit of all: Louis Farrakhan.

“Them damn dirty Jews are growing the mari-JEW-juana and infusing it with a homosexual serum. And then the damn dirty Jews are sellin’ that mari-Jew-juana in black neighborhoods to turn all the black men into dirty sodomites – just like the damn dirty Jews!”

That’s a paraphrase of pretty much every sermon that Louis Farrakhan has delivered since 1963. If an obscure, totally-unknown person on the right were to say anything half as racist as that at a Rotary Club meeting with four people in attendance in a small town in the middle of nowhere, that individual would be held up as the “leader” of the “KKK, alt-right, Trump world.” He would be denounced as a vile racist and publicly shamed until he is unemployable, and his life is destroyed, despite having zero public profile and not really being a threat to anyone.

Louis Farrakhan’s black nationalist cult, which wants its own separate segregated, non-diverse nation for black-only Muslims, has an estimated 50,000 members. In 1964, Farrakhan stated in one of his crackpot sermons that Malcolm X deserved to die – and Farrakhan’s followers obliged him by killing Malcolm X later that year. Ladies and gentlemen, BET’s 2005 “Person of the Year,” Louis Farrakhan! See also: Hillary Clinton chuckling while declaring that you can’t tell Barack Obama and Eric Holder apart by looking at them.

Everyone on the left likes to call Donald Trump “literally Hitler.” Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan has actually compared himself to Hitler in glowing terms because of his shared hatred of the Jews.

“The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man.” (That one is an exact quote.)

When was the last time you heard anyone on the left, especially someone in office, deliver a full-on renunciation of Louis Farrakhan? That would have been sometime around never. Farrakhan sat right next to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin’s funeral just a couple of months ago. He’s an elder statesman of the Democrat Party and it’s rare for anyone on the left to ever utter a peep in opposition to him.

That’s the lowest hanging fruit, so how about the fruit at the very bottom of the barrel: Anthony Weiner.

The New York Democrat Congressman and husband of Hillary Clinton’s weird… uh… “servant” (?)… Huma Abedin, was caught sexting pictures of himself to a young woman. It was an activity that probably didn’t surprise Louis Farrakhan very much.

ALWAYS assume the media is lying

A scandal even vaguely similar to that would have been instant career death for any elected Republican. The wall-to-wall media coverage wouldn’t have ended until the Republican gave his tearful early retirement speech.

Yet the Anthony Weiner story dragged on for weeks with softball media coverage and conspiracy theories to try to get him off the hook. Maybe Sean Hannity stayed up ALL NIGHT photoshopping Anthony Weiner’s face onto those pictures – and then hacked Weiner’s Twitter account! When they weren’t floating conspiracy theories, the media was urging patience and caution. They didn’t want to rush to judgment “until all the facts are in.”

Only after almost a full month of, ironically, Sean Hannity and Breitbart harping on the story did Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama finally step in and call for Anthony Weiner to resign from Congress. Not because Weiner was a weirdo, mind you. No, he needed to resign because the “deeply personal matter” was becoming a “distraction.”

Notice the message discipline. No one below Pelosi or Obama in the Democrats’ hierarchy said anything negative about Anthony Weiner for a full month. It was always, “Oh, gosh, it’s a deeply personal matter, mumble-mumble, wait for all the facts blah-blah.” And when the Party finally threw him under the bus, it came from the very tippy-top.

Compare that to how RINOs and supposed conservatives treat people on the Trump side of the fence, even when the media totally makes things up about us.

“The media says a group of handsome, white, pro-life schoolboys in MAGA hats shouted ‘Build the Wall’ at an innocent drumming Indian? Quick, Percy! Where’s my gimp costume? I’ll denounce them for their racism on Twitter before all the facts are in, so people will want to watch my flagging show on Fox News!” (Greg Gutfeld)

“Gosh, I don’t think it’s strange at all that Dingbat Blasey-Ford’s roommate used to work with James Comey. I thought that her harrowing, non-specific allegations about someone who looked like Brett Kavanaugh making a clumsy pass in a darkened room at an undetermined time and in an undetermined place 35 years ago were totally credible. So, we need an unprecedented seventh FBI background check on Brett Kavanaugh.” (Former Sen. Jeff Flake)

“The New York Times claims that Congressman Steve King said something sort-of racist in an interview? And there’s no audio recording of this alleged interview? I’d better believe the New York Times because the news media never just makes up bulls**t about conservatives. Quick, Percy! Where’s my pussy hat? I’m going to vote for a resolution denouncing white nationalism!” (Every Republican in the House of Representatives)

Great message discipline, GOP! Way to stand by your base and not stab your own side in the back, as usual. Like it or not, Trump is the guy we elected to be the standard-bearer for us – hopefully for the next six years. If you don’t like it, that’s too bad. So, do us all a favor. If you hate Trump that much, just get off the fence already. Do an Arlen Specter and run over to the Democrats’ side. We promise we won’t miss you.

But if you want to stay on our side, here’s the new rule: ALWAYS assume the media is lying. Wait at least two days anytime they announce a “bombshell,” because that’s usually all it takes for their fake news hoaxes to be exposed as fake news hoaxes. If someone on the right needs to be denounced, wait until the party leader does it first. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut. If you need help, just repeat this: “Mumble-mumble, need to wait until all the facts are in, blah-blah deeply personal.” You’re welcome.

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