Take Action

Want to make a difference? Want to influence events in Washington and Columbus? You can but you must take ACTION. Action is an individual thing. Some take more or different actions than others. We give you choices. We ask you to pick and take Actions with which you are comfortable. You take the Actions you are confident and motivated to take. Different Issues may require different Actions. Remember … You are Not Alone!

The following is only a limited list of web sites that have information, as other become known this will be updated.

912 Projects
Each listing tells how to contact them and gives a link to their website (if any)
Go to Glen Beck 912 Project

Tea Parties
TeaPartyPatriots.org is a national organization that supports TeaParties.
You can scroll down their Home page to the list of TeaParties in your State.
Go to TeaPartyPatriots.org

World Net Daily
WorldNetDaily.com Inc. is an independent news company dedicated to uncompromising journalism, seeking truth and justice and revitalizing the role of the free press as a guardian of liberty.
Go to WorldNetDaily.com

Resistt Net
This active organization with 53,000 members provides a variety of additional ways to stay informed and to take actions that also support the purpose of Silent Majority Speaks.
Go to ResistNet.com.

Numbers USA
This organization acts to promote responsible immigration policy and control.
Go to NumbersUSA.com

Parental Rights
This organization acts to protect parental rights and to prevent government intrusions into family life.
Go to ParentalRights.org

Conservative Clippings
A great, concise collection of articles and resources for conservative thought.
Go to Conservative Clippings

The Patriot PostAmerica’s most widely read Internet-based publication, The Patriot Post, is a highly acclaimed journal advocating individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and the promotion of free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values.
Go to The Patriot Post