MOVCAC Action Teams

This is a “Work” in Progress

Voter Integrity

The goal of the Election Integrity Team is to restore honesty and integrity in the American election process–returning the process to the way our forefathers designed it. This will be accomplished through canvassing, review of voter registration management, education of the citizenry regarding election laws and policies, and recruitment of citizens to be involved in the election process as poll workers. 

Action Items:
Our goals are as follows:
One-Day Voting
Using ONLY Paper Ballots
Making all voter information available online by county and precinct
Abolishing all electronic voting and transmission
Requiring voter ID
Ending no-excuse absentee voting
Banning  ballot drop boxes
Requiring audits for all ballot chain of custody documentation
Protecting evidence of fraud; prosecuting and punishing voter fraud perpetrators
Ending the Motor Voter Act
Disallowing government employees or political parties from working the polls
Tabulating votes to be done by hand only


Mission Statement
Endeavor to provide the best education for every child, as well as afford transparency and opportunities for intimate parental involvement with curriculum and school culture.

Action Items:
Attend School Board Meetings



Action Items:

Wellness / Preparedness

Mission Statement
The com(mission) of the Wellness & Preparedness Team is three-fold:

  1. Educate ourselves on how to be well and stay well, and to be self-sufficient and prepared during these uncertain times.
  2. Motivate others to be well and stay well; self-sufficient and prepared by sharing what we’ve learned.
  3. Turn our Talk into Action by advocating for wellness legislation and representing MOVCAC with elected officials at all levels of government and promoting preparedness within our local communities.

Action Items:
Wellness Newsletter
Resource Guide
Preparedness Classes

State and Local Government

Mission Statement

Action Items:
Goals of the Government Team:
*Make prospective candidates aware of positions open in the state, county, and local governments. *Support candidates by increasing their knowledge of the use of social media, telephone calls, door-to-door knocking, sidewalk campaigning, etc.
*Maintain knowledge of upcoming positions.
*Ongoing development of new candidates for potential upcoming positions.
*Maintain knowledge of responsibilities and requirements needed to run for open positions.
*Develop a plan to get more of the public involved

Media and Communication Events


Action Items:

News and Podcasting


Action Items:

Event Coordinator

An Event Coordinator is a person who plans and coordinates events. They select a location check for any needed permits if necessary, adhere to the given budget, and arrange for sound equipment and personnel to operate it. Coordinate with the Media Team for advertising and promotion.

Action Items:
Site Location

Welcome/Outreach Team

Outreach to new visitors and provide information during meetings and follow up after meetings.