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Contacting Friends by Email

Using Your Computer

One way to make your friends aware of the MOVCAC Mid-Ohio Valley Citizans Action Coalilation is to write and tell them about it. Some, however, might not want to receive any emails about a site like ours. But how will you know ahead of time?

An Email that works
One approach is to craft an email with these points:

  • Inquire whether they have any concerns about what is happening in Washington Charleston or Columbus.
  • Tell them you have some concerns and have learned of a site which explains the issues and offers low key helpful advice.
  • Tell them it has helped you voice an opinion.
  • Ask if they would like to know more.
  • Thank them for listening.
  • It would be best to not make this a full mailing list with lots of names in the distribution list. Email one person at a time. Otherwise:
    • It can appear rude.
    • Does not value them personally.
    • Seems like a chain letter.

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