Consider: When Disasters Strike… the first three minutes, hours, days, then what?

An effective survival plan starts now. Waiting until an event occurs often leaves you controlled by the environment. A solid plan keeps you in control of your actions regardless of what craziness may be surrounding you.
What if, ask all the questions…
Are you Home or Away?
Contacting Family?
Money On Hand?

While not the most crucial item for longevity (that would be breathable air followed quite closely by water), food is nonetheless a necessity for health and hope. Before you can begin a stockpile of edibles, you need a place to put it all. As you’ll most likely be dealing with a great many cans, barrels, and bottles, you need ample space. A basement or a large storage room will work provided they stay dry and at a constant temperature so as not to encourage mold growth; you can even rent a storage unit nearby though keeping items on your personal property is preferred.

Have as many family documents, property deeds, birth and marriage certificates copies in a bug-out bag or in a safe location. Additionally, consider copies of your prescriptions if you need them.

  1. Water
  2. Flour/Cooking Powders
  3. Beans/Legumes
  4. Meat/Fish
  5. Cereal/Grains
  6. Coconut Oil/Vinegar
  7. Eggs/Dairy
  8. Sugar/honey
  9. MREs/Dehydrated meals
  10. Iodized salt
  11. Vinegar
  12. Baking Soda
  13. Vegetables
  14. Peanut Butter
  15. Pasta/Rice
  16. Nuts/Seeds
  17. Soup/Stews/Chili
  18. Fruit
  19. Happy Food
  20. Coffee / Tea
  21. Vitamin Supplements
  22. Rx

There will be no end to the number of items you’ll want to have available and how many you’ll wish you had available after the fact. The list is long and hardly all-inclusive; you may find your own items you want to hoard, too. There are many uses for most of the items listed and in a crisis, they will become indispensable.

· Trash bags, plastic bags, zip locks bags, storage bags, of all sizes. These are for sanitation, storage, and a million other reasons.

· Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, paraffin wax for sealing.

· Paper, pens, pencils, envelopes for seed storage, staples, and a stapler.

· Sheets, blankets, pillowcases, linens, towels, bedding.

· Hardware such as nuts, bolts, screws, and nails. Also sewing supplies: needle, thread.

· Twine, rope, shoelaces.

· Rubber bands and hair ties.

· Boxes- cardboard and plastic containers with lids, and buckets.

· Tape, all kinds especially duct tape, electrical tape, and packing tape.

· Toilet paper, paper towels, paper coffee filters, tissues, cotton swabs, and cotton balls.

· Batteries; choose rechargeable and invest in a solar recharger. Solar calculator.

· A magnesium stick with a striker is a better bet than matches, but if you store matches get the kind that can be struck anywhere and waterproof ones.

· Flares, torches, light sticks, flashlights, camping lights that are solar-powered.

· Fishing supplies, fishing tools, fishing line.

· Insect and pest repellants such as sprays, lotions, and creams. You’ll possibly have to fight the bugs for your food. Avon Skin-So-Soft is truly a good mosquito repellant and has multiple uses.

· Shelter materials like tarps, stakes, glue, screen patches, and some pieces of lumber or plywood.

· Backpacks, duffel bags for quick packing and flight.

· Work gloves, heavy boots, work attire, thermal underclothes.

· Grain grinder to grind your own flour.

· Baby supplies if you have young children. Store cloth diapers and safety pins. These can be used for many things too, even for trade.

· Board games, cards, puzzle books; some entertainment should be considered if there’s room.

You have all your food and water stocked, you’re ready for the world ending as you know but you’re determined to be fine… all of that does you no good if you forget the can opener. Or fuel for the generator, if you even grabbed one of those. How about planting without tools or building a shelter with no hammer or nails? Surviving a global crisis is not just about food and water; it’s about having the proper tools for the job at hand. Considering this, you will want to stock up on more than items too much on, but the basics necessary for actually cooking what you have squirreled away.

  • Can opener
  • Tools
  • Pots and pans
  • Utensils
  • Dishware
  • Generator
  • Portable Toilets
  • Charcoal/Lighter Fluid
  • Water Filters/Purifiers
  • Weapons
  • Lamp oil, lamps, extra wicks
  • Lighters/matches
  • Camping stoves/pressure cookers
  • Medical supplies/surgical kit
  • Propane/butane/kerosene/fuels
  • A washboard/drying line/detergent
  • Hygiene products

Bug-Out Bag

Car Bag

Updated: 4-8-22