Simple Truths for Complicated Times – Part IV

Date: April 7, 2022
MOVCAC Contributor
Sean P. Keefe

A cursory review of any set of American decades will reveal a political scandal or two, some instances of civil unrest, perhaps an economic downturn, and even some global issues warranting worldwide attention.  Upon first glance, these events appear to be unique and organic in nature – just a part of human beings being.  However, when the evolution of rules, regulations and structures maintaining our civilization are viewed along the same timelines as the scandals, wars, economic devastation, and civil unrest; cause and effect must at the very least be considered.

From the summer of 2019 through November 2020, our American experience included a presidential impeachment, a worldwide pandemic, nationwide lockdowns, economic warfare aimed at the middle class, racial hysteria, unchallenged civil unrest, the attempted destruction of our nation’s history, and an obviously stolen election.  That’s at least thirty years of intense societal disruption all packed into eighteen months.  Someone was working overtime on the snow globe!

All of this occurred in an environment devoid of discussion.  Legacy media, the political class, social media, and celebrity culture all enforced agreement with the prevailing narrative: 

Support Donald Trump – White Supremacist
Don’t support BLM – Racist
Don’t support illegal immigration – Xenophobe
Don’t support masking children – Grandma-Killing Narcissist
Don’t support gender fluidity – Bigot
Don’t support Hillary Clinton – Misogynist
Don’t support transitioning children – Homophobe
Don’t support Ukraine – Putin-loving Traitor

If your eyes are open and you see the events and the direction in which our civilization is heading, The Powers That Be offer only two alternatives:

  1. Submission and insanity
  2. Resistance and dignity

You can see clearly those who have chosen option one.  They sit quietly poolside while a man wins a national championship competing against women.  They applaud sheepishly as a grown man, who not long ago was a husband and father, is named a woman of the year by USA Today.  You see them driving alone in their car with a mask over their face.  They sit idly in their basements binging Netflix as the world rages around them.  They ignore all common sense and presented evidence to welcome an illegitimate regime to govern them.  There are many who have chosen option one.  Their impact and strength is amplified by a corrupt media cabal looking to overshadow the quiet majority who chose option two.

January 6th

I think we can all agree that our legacy media over the years has proven itself to be at best left-leaning, and at worst democrat operatives.  November 7, 2020 is the day our legacy media declared Joe Biden winner of the 2020 Presidential election.  It is also the day our legacy media died.  What was once so important to our free society that our Founding Fathers saw fit to carve out specific protections in our First Amendment has become so filled with propaganda and outright lies that media malpractice should immediately be codified in law. 

Many patriots knew exactly what happened on election night.  We watched as the counting in Fulton County was stopped due to a water leak – later determined to be a leaky toilet.  We saw how Detroit was hiding the vote counting from any prying observer eyes.  We saw observers disallowed in Philadelphia counting rooms.  We watched as Fox News called the Arizona race for Biden before they called Ohio for Trump. We went to bed knowing President Donald J. Trump had been re-elected, only to awaken in the morning with the stunning news that overnight counts had magically pushed Biden into the lead in the all-important swing states.  The evidence of fraud was obvious to any observer.  Yet the media told us to sit down and shut up – it was the cleanest election of all time.

Throughout November and December, patriots knew that this audacious, brazen, and traitorous act of election interference/fraud would be investigated and exposed.  There were prayer marches in Washington.  “Stop The Steal” became the Parlor rallying cry and Washington was again flooded with patriots.  Electors were selected and the Electoral College voted as scheduled on December 14, 2020.  Never had so many Americans become familiar with the process of selecting our president.  The last chance to correct this traitorous deceit was when the House and Senate held their joint session on January 6th to count the electoral vote.

A sea of American Patriots filled the Washington D.C streets with American Flags, Trump Flags, Gadsden Flags, and hope – A hope resuscitated by young faces, old faces, 1st generation Americans, 8th generation Americans, farmers from the plains of Iowa, surfers from Hawaii, and housewives from Tennessee.  As dark a picture as the election, the media’s reaction to it, and the American people’s apathy painted; all those faces that day could make one believe that right really does defeat wrong; cheaters really don’t prosper; and the truth really will set you free.

As President Trump was speaking at the Whitehouse, operatives were already breaking into the Capitol Building.  National reporting indicates that the Capitol Police responded to reports of a possible explosive device at the Republican National Committee offices at 12:49 p.m.  At 12:53, rioters had reportedly overwhelmed Capitol Police at the Capitol Complex.  At 1:07 another explosive device was found at the Democrat National Committee offices.  Donald Trump did not complete his speech until 1:10.

This was obviously a planned and coordinated event.  It has been over a year; and we still have no evidence shared which shows who planned these events, who coordinated these events, and who carried out these events.  There are still MAGA Meemaws dealing with the Justice Department regarding their activities on January 6th.  As of this writing, many patriots remain behind bars awaiting the disposition of their cases (Jan 6th Prisoner Table).  The conditions at the facilities holding them are reported to be horrendous.  I would recommend you search out those who contributed to the Minnesota Freedom Fund that was used to bail out violent rioters in Minneapolis and ask if they find the two sets of protesters to have been treated with equality.

I encourage you to look up Ray Epps and John Sullivan to better understand their roles in the events of that day, and then ask yourself why their testimony in front of the January 6th Unselect Committee has not been national news.  We should all be wondering how our FBI can find grandmas and grandpas in patriotic gear all over the country but for some reason they cannot find those that planted bombs in our capital city. 

Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the security of the Capitol Complex.  Is the Unselect Committee investigating why she rejected President Trump’s offer of 10,000 National Guard troops?  Is there any interest in the over 14,000 hours of Capitol Complex security video that she is refusing to release?  Where is the media outrage at an unarmed women being killed at point-blank range by a law enforcement officer without the issuance of a verbal warning?  Didn’t we just go through a summer of rage that shined a light on so-called police brutality?  All of the people who died at the Capitol Complex on January 6, 2020 were Trump supporters.  Where is the open investigation into those deaths?

We will not sit down and shut up.  We will not engage in whatever voodoo they do that allows them to ignore history, evidence, testimony, reason, logic and common sense.  We will not choose submission and insanity.  Our children and grandchildren will grow up in a country that believes in individual liberty, equality of opportunity, and equal protection under the law.  We choose resistance, and we will retain our dignity.

The Simple Truth – Our Democratic Republic was attacked on January 6, 2020.  This attack was the completion of the Colour Revolution perpetrated on our country.  Political prisoners of an illegitimate regime continue to rot in horrendous conditions because they oppose that regime.  Stolen Elections have consequences and in less than a year we find ourselves so weakened by this illegitimately installed regime that we appear on the brink of world war.

Boards of Education

Having lost in the nation’s capital, shocked Patriots returned home knowing that an illegitimate regime had just been installed to govern their lives.  The rallying cry after this defeat in Washington became one of local involvement.  If our national elected officials would not listen, perhaps local officials would.  Right on cue, children all around the country began to return to school for in-person learning.

There is no need for in-depth analysis of the effects Covid-19 had on children.  From the beginning of this plandemic, the one thing all doctors agreed upon was the fact that children were in little danger from the effects of the disease and were not primary modes of transmission.  In spite of the science, school boards around the country implemented mask mandates for all children attending school.

Patriots all over this country began watching as their children and grandchildren were treated like biohazards by their local school systems.  Having not been heard by their national leaders, angry parents and grandparents began trying to educate their local boards of education.  Many arguments were made:

  1. Masks have never been effective in stopping the spread of a virus
  2. Although masks can catch droplets, free floating virus particles are too small for masks to stop
  3. Masks reduce oxygen intake and increase carbon dioxide respiration.
  4. Even the instructions on the box clearly state it is not intended to prevent viral, bacterial or any other disease transmission.
  5. Children are in no danger from the disease nor are they primary vectors of transmission.
  6. The masks being mandated required no medical certification of effectiveness.
  7. Mandating medical treatment or a medical device on healthy children is unconstitutional.
  8. Mandating a medical device to be used on children with no instruction or medical supervision is potentially harmful.
  9. The harm to the communication skills of small children was never considered.

We could spend time debating the medical effectiveness of masks.  We could even discuss the ever-changing guidance issued by the CDC that was never backed by any scientific studies.  The point of this analysis is that Patriots had to get involved locally.  What is more local than a school board?  Everyone with a child in their lives understands the impact a school has on the life and growth of every child.  The fight to remove mask mandates began in January 2021 and social media videos went viral immediately.  One school board walked out on the parents who attended a board meeting to protest the mask mandates.  Those parents voted in a new board.  Over the following months, many videos surfaced of parents being arrested for refusing to be silent as they watched their children tortured every day at school with oxygen inhibiting facial coverings.  These attempts by school boards to silence dissenting opinions included the Justice Department issuing a memo at the behest of the National School Boards Association.

What was the impact of all these parents and grandparents attending these meetings?  Did the school boards listen or did they become more aloof and defiant?  Did we learn that bringing your concerns to your local elected officials encouraged open discussion and community debate, or did we learn that our local officials listen about as well as our national ones?  Did we learn that our children’s needs drive the funding of our educational institutions, or did we learn that the funding for our educational institutions determine our children’s needs?

The parent participation at school board meetings may have been precipitated by mask mandates; but it has grown to include Critical Race Theory, vaccine requirements, pornography in children’s books, and more generally, the role of parents in the planning and execution of their children’s education.  As parents learned about the way their local school boards functioned, or disfunctioned, they were educating themselves and their fellow citizens on how broken our political and governmental structures are.  Once you see that disfunction, you cannot unsee it.

The Simple Truth – What began as a simple attempt to get ineffective and harmful mask mandates removed from schools, ended up exposing local school boards as unscientific, medically ignorant, fiscally greedy, pornography peddling control freaks, who want to teach your child that their skin color is the most important attribute they own and that they should be able to select their own gender.  Reading, Writing and Arithmetic indeed.

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