Simple Truths for Complicated Times – Part III

Date: March 14, 2022
by Sean P. Keefe
MOVCAC Contributor

As August 2020 came to a close, the American public had been bludgeoned over the previous year by impeachment, the emergence of Covid, and the death of George Floyd, and all the statue-destroying and America-hating that came with it.  In just the previous six months alone we had learned that medical professionals could usurp constitutional authorities and limit our abilities to travel, practice religion, freely associate, and even earn a living.  While trying to come to grips with that, we learned that our entire history as a nation was racist and evil.  Statues of slave owners and abolitionists alike were torn down or defaced.

A battered and shaken citizenry emerged from the summer of fiery, but mostly peaceful, protests with Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president and Joe, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” Biden as the Democrat candidate. 

With an unparalleled pre-plandemic economy, car parades, boat parades, an opponent that refused to campaign, a law-and-order platform in a year with obscene violence in democrat cities televised nightly, and a reduction in American military intervention all around the world; you’d think that Donald Trump was a shoe-in for reelection. 

Election 2020

The shenanigans began with the cacophony of media voices worrying about whether voting in person would be safe with Covid-19 still causing havoc across the nation.  Many states changed voting rules, accepted private money to implement partisan processes, adopted mail-in voting or no-excuse absentee voting, and increased the number of early voting days.  There were even accusations of the United States Post Office suppressing voting rights by removing mailboxes in the months leading up to the election. 

When the debris finally settles and we can logically and critically evaluate the events of the last few years, volumes will be written about the shenanigans and outright treasonous acts perpetrated in the 2020 election.  In this analysis, we will focus on the obvious and simple truths. I am old enough to remember an election in 2016 where one candidate was accused of working with Russia to improperly influence the outcome of our presidential election.  On May 17, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed the authorizing document assigning former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.  The investigation concluded on March 22, 2019 with the Mueller Report.  Convictions unrelated to election activity were secured during the investigation.  However, Donald Trump was not found to have colluded with Russian entities, and no charges were filed against him or his team for collusion or conspiracy.

One might conclude from that investigation that our government cares about ethics and election interference.  If there are outside entities impacting our elections, we should know about it and do our best to identify them and limit their abilities to disrupt the functioning of our Democratic Republic.

In early October 2020, the New York Post published a story regarding the contents of a laptop that Hunter Biden had abandoned in a Delaware computer repair shop.  The evidence of influence peddling found on the laptop was corroborated by Hunter’s business associate Tony Bobulinski.  Instead of investigating the allegations and proving or disproving the information as authentic, our Big Tech oligarchs at Facebook and Twitter censored the story and hid the allegations from the general public.  National news organizations labeled the story as Russian disinformation and refused to investigate.  Our technology companies and news organizations actively hiding stories of criminality related to a presidential candidate influences American voters more than any Russian interference ever could.

The point of the Mueller investigation and Hunter laptop is that our legacy media determines what is appropriate, what is relevant, and what is worthy of interest.  The evidence of wrongdoing by the Trump team in 2016 was non-existent or manufactured by the Clinton campaign.  Yet, we spent two years and forty million dollars to investigate.  The evidence of the validity of Hunter Biden’s laptop was readily available and easy to verify.  Yet, this evidence was ignored by both the legal system and our media.

It is important to have this easily-understood example of the stark difference in the way scandals or potential scandals in our political world are handled by the Powers That Be. 

Each of us witnessed the vote counting shenanigans that occurred in Philadelphia and Detroit.  Observers were either omitted completely or were cordoned off so far away from the counting that they could verify nothing.  As alarming as those displays were, it is the data that really tells the story.

Science, accounting, medicine, politics and countless other professions use statistics or indicators throughout their businesses to identify areas of both concern and success.  In any large process, confirming each individual transaction or step is both unnecessary and inefficient.  Instead, one uses statistical inquiry to flesh out those areas where fraud, abuse or failing processes need to be identified and corrected.  Statistical evidence is not proof of a problem, but it is a strong indicator of an issue needing further detailed investigation. Elections are such big media business that election night on news networks now feels like the Super Bowl.  There are experts to be interviewed with polling data about race, gender, education level, income level, and issues of interest.  Talking heads now have interactive monitors that allow them to draw on the screen like John Madden drawing up a defense. 

Political consultants work diligently to understand the electorate in nauseating details.  It is called political science for a reason.  Elections are not won with hopes, they are won with detailed knowledge and direct messaging.

At the presidential level, we have what are known as bellwethers.  There are 19 bellwether counties and 3 bellwether states.  Bellwethers are basic indicators.  Those that win the bellwethers win the race.  This is just a general rule used to validate the actual results. 

In the 2020 presidential race, Joe Biden lost 18 of 19 bellwether counties by an average of 13.7% and all three bellwether states (Florida, Iowa and Ohio).  Again, this is not proof of an issue, but it should be noted and compared to other indicators.

Another head-scratcher when looking at the 2020 election results is the total votes and counties won.  In 2008, Barrack Obama set a record for votes in a presidential election with 69 million votes.  He garnered those votes while winning 28% of all counties in the United States.  In 2020, Joe Biden smashed that record with 81 million votes while winning only 16.7% of all counties.  So, Joe Biden won 12 million more votes than Barrack Obama while winning 10% less counties?  Again, by itself, this is not proof of voter fraud or irregularities.  Although, these results, analyzed in conjunction with the bellwether data, begin to draw a really weird picture of the 2020 election.

The final two indicators are coattail related.  Coattails is a term used in politics to describe the effect the top of the ticket has on down ballot races.  If a democrat wins the Whitehouse, it is easy to understand democrats picking up seats in the House of Representatives or Senate.  Presidential races always increase voter turnout.  That increased turnout generally means more votes for the party that wins the Whitehouse.  In the 2020 election, Joe Biden had such powerful coattails that republicans won an additional 15 House of Representative seats while they were expected to lose between twenty and thirty.  In fact, democrats were helped so much by the top of the ticket that republicans retained control of all the state houses they controlled prior to the election and picked up two additional.

Again, all of these are just indicators.  They are evidence of nothing but should be viewed as alarm bells in regard to the election outcomes.  Each of these portend an exact opposite outcome in the 2020 Presidential race than the one we experienced.  Each of these indicators that are and have been used in evaluating past elections should be viewed as an open wound on the body of our Democratic Republic. 

Where was our media when these indicators were occurring?  Where were all those political pundits who love to talk about the details of political races?  Where were all the Russia collusion adherents who decried the destruction of Western values? 

And then the evidence began to come in.

  1. The Arizona audit showed many alarming deficiencies in the election processes used.  The most alarming was video evidence of election workers using brute force logins to delete election logs – a clear violation of election record retention laws.  But the natural question following the discovery of this activity is why were they deleting those log files?

  2. There is ample video evidence in Georgia of ballot harvesting to go along with clear video evidence of Fulton County ballot counting shenanigans. 

  3. In January 2022, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled that Pennsylvania’s no-excuse mail-in voting law was unconstitutional.  If it was unconstitutional in January 2022, it was unconstitutional in November 2020.

  4. Wisconsin’s retired Supreme Court Justice and Special Council Michael Gableman issued a report on March 1, 2022 showing evidence of state-wide election fraud throughout the Wisconsin nursing home industry. 

  5. Questions surrounding election integrity surfaced shortly after the election ended due to tabulation issues found in Antrim County, Michigan.

We have all watched hearings in Arizona, Michigan and Georgia and seen ample evidence of election irregularities.  All the indicators point to a Joe Biden loss.  All of the evidence of election fraud points to a Joe Biden loss.  It used to be that Western civilization cared about things like evidence, testimony and process.  Everything about the 2020 election screams that an investigation is needed.  Yet, over a year later, neither the Justice Department or our federal legislative bodies responsible for oversight have shown any interest in explaining a single anomaly experienced in the 2020 election.

As noted with impeachment, Covid, and George Floyd and the subsequent uncivil disobedience, our media and political class appear conveniently on the same page – “It was the cleanest election of all time.”

The Simple Truth – All evidence indicates that Joe Biden is president, not because he won an election, but because the political class and media cabal selected him for the position and will do everything in their power to demonize and ostracize any who question the accepted narrative.  The best evidence of election fraud is the unwillingness of those in power to openly investigate evidence of election fraud.

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