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February 6, 2024
By Sean P. Keefe
MOVCAC Contributor

Six months ago, I had never heard of Eagle Pass, Texas.

The border/illegal immigration issue has been a political football since I’ve been an adult.  My introduction to the issue came with the amnesty given to numerous illegal immigrants by Ronald Reagan.

The 1986 Immigration Reform Explained – ABC News May 2013

It has always seemed like an idiotic issue.  We are a sovereign country with borders and citizenship.  If you wish to come to our country, you enter through a port of entry and identify yourself and your purpose for the visit.  In that way, we know who we have let into our house and why.  In what mad existence would we NOT protect our borders and control who we let in?  Laws already exist to create and manage an orderly, safe, and secure border.  Why would we have to negotiate and make deals in order to resolve an obvious issue with our borders?  Why would new laws be needed?  If someone breaks into my house, I call law enforcement because there are laws that say one citizen cannot enter another citizen’s home without being invited.  Law enforcement then enforces the law!

Why is our border so different?  Why are we negotiating about which laws agencies within the government will or will not enforce?  Are we so stupid as a society that we will watch our elected and/or appointed officials ignore properly-enacted laws and use their enforcement responsibilities as a negotiating tool right in front of our faces?  Do you get to negotiate with law enforcement about which laws you wish them to enforce on you?

Why is the Senate asking the American people to support a bill for $20 billion in immigration funding when the other $98 billion in that bill is going to fund two existing foreign wars and another one pending ($60 billion for Ukraine, $14 billion for Israel, and $10 billion for Gaza, the remaining $10 billion includes money for Taiwan and miscellaneous refugee resettlement)?  Why is the Senate holding border/immigration funding hostage to war funding?  A valid question, but let’s leave the money-laundering practices of our politicians and military-industrial complex for another day.

Senators unveil bipartisan bill to impose tougher asylum and border laws – NBC News February 4, 2024

If people are breaking into our country; arrest them, deport them, and focus administrative activities on those immigrants who are following our laws and wish to become valid Americans.

We do live in a stupid society, so naturally, law enforcement at our border is now a major concern throughout the country.

‘We have no more room,’ NYC mayor Eric Adams warns migrants – BBC July 2023

Tensions flare between Chicago and White House over migrant crisis – CNN October 2023

We are constantly being told that records for illegal immigrant encounters at our southern border are being broken.

Record-setting 276K migrants crossed southern border in December — and it isn’t over – New York Post December 29, 2023

In the Fox News clip embedded in the New York Post article linked above, you will notice they begin with footage from Eagle Pass.  The section you see in the clip is where all the illegals were being processed.  This area Is a rock-throw from directly under the bridge that brings cars and trucks across the Rio Grande and into the legal border entry point in Eagle Pass.  Footage of this area was constantly used to show the invasion occurring at our southern border.

Hundreds of migrants wait to be processed at US-Mexico border | AFP – YouTube

Any American paying attention would be concerned about this blatant breaking of our immigration laws.  Many scoff at the argument that these illegal immigrants are being brought into our country to give one party a ton of new voters.  Those scoffers will tell you that non-citizens have no voting rights.  While some local municipalities are passing ordinances allowing this, many vote because many states have no requirement to show identification.  In having this debate, we are missing the big picture.

In The People’s House, we have two chambers.  The Senate provides for equal representation for each state.  However, the House of Representatives determines the number of congressmen a state gets based on the every-decade census.  If estimates are true and we have allowed 2.7 million illegal immigrants in 2021 and 2.8 million illegal immigrants in 2022 to enter and stay in our country, that means that the states where those illegals settle will receive greater representation in our Congress.  In essence, those states accepting and settling these illegal entrants to our country are stealing representation away from those states who do not.  Eventually, the raw numbers of illegals will render small states like West Virginia, Wyoming, Rhode Island, and Alaska irrelevant.

There are countless reasons to care enough about our border security that every state should be alarmed by the apparent and declared invasion occurring at our southern border.

The situation in Eagle Pass became so contentious that a Supreme Court order was handed down declaring that Texas could not stop federal agents from cutting the barb-wired fences Texas had erected to stop this invasion.

U.S. Supreme Court says Texas can’t block federal agents from the border – The Texas Tribune January 23, 2024

In response to that, Texas Governor Greg Abbott accused the Biden regime of shirking its constitutional duties:

“The federal government has broken the compact between the United States and the States,” Abbott charged in a statement issued on Wednesday, citing Article IV of the Constitution, which guarantees to states that the federal government “shall protect each of them against Invasion.”

Abbott Escalates Border Dispute From Political Crisis to Constitutional Crisis – U.S. News January 26, 2024

The escalation was so severe that twenty-five republican governors publicly supported Governor Abbott’s assertions.

25 Republican governors back Texas in escalating border standoff with US government – BBC January 25, 2024

With all this happening, former Green Beret flight surgeon Doc Pete Chambers organized the Take Our Border Back Convoy.  The east coast leg of this convoy was to complete about 20 miles north of Eagle Pass.  I have written about Covid, George Floyd, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, elections, George Orwell;  but had yet to address the border crisis.  With this crisis escalating all throughout January, and having learned of the convoy from Doc Pete Chambers and Patient Advocate Bulldog on Telegram; I decided it was time to see and write about the invasion happening in Texas.

I left home on January 30th and joined the convoy, which had begun in Virginia, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  As expected, most of the convoy drivers I met that day were much like me – grandparent, veteran, middle-class.  Not many can afford to take a week off for a border crisis.  These were not the poor and wretched of our society.  These were people who had benefitted greatly from the American system of law, order, safety, and economic freedom.  The majority of those driving in this convoy were not directly affected by this crisis of illegal immigration, but were acutely aware of what this crisis would do to the lives of their children’s and grandchildren’s generations.  Along the way, we were greeted by many supporters who lined various towns, overpasses, and roadways–along with the occasional one-finger salute–as we made our way to Eagle Pass.

The convoy was a way to bring awareness to the border issue, and national media did provide some coverage including an obligatory labeling of ‘far-right.’

Far-right convoy protesting migrant crisis nears southern border – CBS News February 2, 2024

‘Take Our Border Back’ convoy ends with rallies in 3 states – Yahoo Finance February 5, 2024

I’ve been asked what I expected to gain from participating in this event.  After writing about the excess deaths we are experiencing in West Virginia since 2020 and hearing the deafening silence with which those revelations were met, I had no expectation that this event would cause any, let alone society-changing, waves in “normal” American culture.  Having experienced our society turning a blind eye to Covid lockdowns, BLM riots, election shenanigans, mask mandates, vaccine mandates and excess death, I had to better understand the border crisis that we are currently allowing to occur.

It was a wonderful experience where I met many fantastic American Patriots hoping to have a positive impact on the society they so greatly esteem.  If you wish to see the video updates I shared on this journey, please check out our Telegram page –

As I left the final convoy destination at Quemado, Texas, I knew I could not leave without having seen the border issues that had helped motivate me to make this trek to begin with.  Instead of heading north from Quemado, I drove south about eighteen miles and entered Eagle Pass, Texas.

Taking into account the back and forth between Biden and Abbott, the Supreme Court decision, the positions taken by so many other governors, I expected to enter a town in crisis.  I found the opposite.  Eagle Pass, from my perspective, was a small quiet community not unlike Parkersburg or Marietta.  I did not see homeless encampments or migrants lining any streets.  I kept going south wanting to actually see the border.

Within ten minutes I found myself passing under the bridge that brings legal visitors to and from Mexico.  To my right, I saw clean razor wire everywhere along with numerous rows of the orange queue lines I had seen in the Eagle Pass videos of illegal immigrants being processed by Border Patrol.

SourceMigrants cross U.S. border in record numbers, undeterred by Texas’ razor wire and Biden’s policies – CBS news December 2023


Hundreds of migrants wait to be processed at US-Mexico border | AFP

What had so recently been used to emphasize the border crisis to American citizens on all kinds of news channels, was now completely abandoned.

February 3, 2024, Eagle Pass, Texas

When I say abandoned, I mean completely abandoned.  In the video linked below, you can clearly see that there is no law enforcement or military presence at this sight whatsoever.  In fact, had I tripped on the curb and fallen into the razor wire, I’d have bled to death before anyone found me.  In the five to ten minutes I spent at the site, I saw no one patrolling or guarding anything.  You’ll have to zoom in on the video, but you can actually see two people on the green of a golf hole just under the bridge to the right.  I know much of the activity in Eagle Pass is now happening at Shelby Park a couple of miles west of this site, but with naked razor wire exposed to the public right on the side of the road, with an invasion being declared and legal confrontations happening between the state of Texas and the federal government, shouldn’t someone be guarding this site?  Shouldn’t there be someone at this sight, if for no other reason than to help any civilian that might trip into the wire?  What would keep Border Patrol agents from clipping this wire, opening an entrance, and taking control of the area?  There was no one to notice me, let alone stop me, from clipping the wire myself and traipsing on in.

I know there is a border invasion occurring in Texas and other states.  It is an invasion that has been ongoing for many years now.  I also know there are many Patriots trying to raise awareness of this invasion.  Doc Pete Chambers is not alone.  In the interview linked below, Tucker Carlson speaks with Bret Weinstein about the Darien Gap in Panama and the horror held for those who are forced to use this path on their journey to reach our border.

Tucker Carlson Ep. 71 with Bret Weinstein – February 1, 2024

My confusion lies in the motives of those pushing this into the media.  Are the pictures of migrants queued up to be processed used to inflame public opinion?  Wouldn’t it be hard to argue that an invasion is happening in Eagle Pass if just on the other side of the razor wire you have people leisurely playing a gentleman’s game of golf?  At the very least, if we are going to lay razor wire all over the place, shouldn’t there be something dividing the public from that lethal hazard?

The madness at the border has been ongoing for years now.  Why all of a sudden, in an election year, has this become a constitutional crisis requiring that governors from all over the country come to meet with Abbott at Eagle Pass?  I remember Rahm Emanuel once saying “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  There is no doubt that a crisis is occurring at our southern border.  It is a needless crisis.  Enforce the laws already on the books – crisis solved.

 -Sean P. Keefe

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