Border Alert February 4th

The Truth About The Border

February 4, 2024
Tucker Carlson
Pastor Jack Hibbs
Tom Zawistowski
Sean Keeke

How China and the UN are Fueling the Invasion of America
Tucker Carlson

Bret Weinstein traveled to the Darien Gap to understand who’s behind the invasion of our country. His conclusion: “It’s not a friendly migration.” He sits down with Tucker Carlson to explain.

Should We Care About Our Borders?
Pastor Jack Hibbs

As Believers, we are called to speak out with compassion and truth. We must demand that our elected officials uphold the law while also acting compassionately to help those in need. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven, but also be vigilant and prepared.

We the People see that this INVASION is targeting the US and is Succeeding!
Tom Zawistowski

We the People have been SCREAMING for three years that the border is being intentionally opened up in an effort to destroy our nation and take control. We called Abbot every name in the book because he kept saying he was taking action when he was not. He’s for open borders. He is with the Bush Family. Now everyone wants to make him a hero for standing up to Biden and actually taking action to close the Texas border but as they say in Texas “The Cows are Already Out of the Barn!!!”

Then these phony RINO Republican Governors, with the true exception of Ron DeSantis in Florida, are going to pretend that they want to help stop the invasion when they have in fact FACILITED IT for three years!!! Ask each of the Governors on this map “How many Illegals did Biden ship to your state?” Ask them if they know where they are?

How many of them did what DeSantis did and stopped Biden’s Charter Flights from landing in their state? NONE OF THEM DID! Why? As Texas AG Ken Paxton says in the video clip above, they are intentionally targeting RED STATES and these cowardly, complicit Governors HELPED THEM!!! Now, since the invasion is the #1 Campaign Issue, they want to pretend that they are against it. Don’t buy it for a minute! 

They have stood by and done NOTHING as our schools, our hospitals, and our community services are getting CRUSHED by the costs to take care of 9 MILLION PEOPLE who have NO BUSINESS being in your community. Then to add insult to injury, when a tax-paying US Citizen goes to the emergency room they get treated like second-class citizens and questioned about their insurance and told that they will have to pay if their insurance doesn’t cover all the costs – BUT THE ILLEGALS ARE TREATED FOR FREE!!!

We urge ALL PATRIOTS to CLICK HERE to Contact their Governor TODAY and ask them these questions:

1) How many Illegals are in your State and where are they?
2) What is your plan to help President Trump Identify ALL the Illegals in Your State and Deport them starting next year?
3) Will you commit to cutting off ALL social services to Illegal Immigrants in your state in order to force them to “self-deport”?
4) Will you publicly identify and defund all Non-Profits and state agencies in your state that receive state funds to move illegals to and around your state?


Reporting from the Border
Sean Keefe