Saturday Report J6 3.11.2023

MSM MELTDOWN Over J6 Tapes: REPORT: Fox News May SHUT DOWN Tucker & BAN New J6 Video Release!

The media is doubling down and gaslighting the American public over the J6 video release. Dave Sumrall is back to talk about the media’s bait and switch while J6ers remain in D.C. gulags.

The media is still covering up the MAGA protestors who were killed at the hands of the Capitol Police on January 6th. J6ers are rotting in prison and some are even committing suicide because of this unjust political persecution.

Tucker has reported on the new J6 footage but hasn’t told his massive audience how to help J6 political prisoners.

The Proud Boys trial has been put on hold because of the FBI evidence tampering!

To help J6ers go to


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