Excess Deaths in 2021 & 2022 – Who Cares?

Date: February 26, 2023
MOVCAC Contributor:  Sean P. Keefe

Back in August, we reported on the excess death in Wood County, WV.  The data that analysis was based upon was provided by the then County Clerk, Mark Rhodes (Wood County WV Total Death Up 38% in 2021 and 2022).  As was speculated in that article, it appears that some of the 2021 deaths reported were actually 2020 deaths.  Instead of 1,101 deaths in 2020, the detail provided by newly-elected County Clerk, Joe Gonzales, shows a total of 1,215.  The previous 2021 total reported also changed from 1,521 to 1,439.  In comparing the yearly totals provided by the two County Clerks from 2015 through 2019, each year only varied by 5-7 deaths.  When looking at the total for 2020 and 2021 combined, an additional 32 deaths were added in the new detailed data.

In an accountant’s world, differences are problematic.  It also seems problematic that in the middle of the greatest pandemic since 1917 we do not have detailed death data available at the push of a button.  If they are going to lock us down and mandate medical procedures, the least they could do is share consistently accurate data that suggests these measures are reasonable.  When the data is carefully reviewed, the only conclusion one can come to is that these measures were not only not needed, but have obviously created an environment of consistently elevated deaths.

These measures not only changed our individual lives, they changed our entire society, economy, and culture.  We rely on the expert class to properly interpret data to help guide a very large and very complex civilization.  When these people fail in their leadership, we must acknowledge those failures, learn from those failures, and ensure those failures never happen again.  I use the word failure with extreme charity.

I know this material is dry.  I encourage you to become familiar with these details.  I know following the numbers is inconvenient drudgery.  Everything from social media to our educational system is causing us to struggle when digesting complex data.  Our republic cannot stand if its citizens cannot comprehend the systems and circumstances occurring around them.  How are we to hold anyone responsible if we do not understand the impact of their failures?  This data clearly shows elevated death that has yet to be explained by anyone.

I would emphasize that this data is related to only Wood County.  If what we are experiencing is happening in other counties throughout the state, our population is being devastated and no one is investigating.

Summary tables by month, age and gender are provided at the beginning of each discussion section respectively.

Monthly Death Analysis

Prior to 2020, Wood County’s average monthly death ranged from a low in 2016 of 87.33 deaths/month to a high in 2019 of 94.58 deaths/month with the largest yearly increase occurring between 2016 and 2017 (3.91%).  As one would expect, the increase from 2019 to 2020 of 7.05% was the largest increase in the six years from 2015 through 2020.  With the introduction of the safe and effective Covid vaccines in December of 2020, one would expect the elevated death experienced due to the pandemic to subside.

However, the data shows that average deaths/month increased from 101.25 in 2020 to 119.92 in 2021.  This increase of 18.44% in monthly death is 2.5 times that of the increase experienced in the pandemic’s first year.  Moving on to look at 2022, surely we should be able to expect that entering our third year in the pandemic and second year with safe and effective vaccines available (in many cases mandated) our deaths/month would be at or preferably below that of 2020.  However, the data shows our 2022 deaths/month at 104.92, or an increase of 3.62% over an already elevated 2020.

Again, this data only represents Wood County.  What if each or many of our other counties are experiencing this same elevation of death?  Why did we have daily briefings in 2020 when total death in Wood County struck 1,215 but are silent when 2021 death reached 1,439, or when 2022 death remained higher than the pandemic’s first year reaching 1,259?

This silence in the face of such a catastrophic rise in death is deafening.  We should all be asking ourselves why 2020 was filled with daily briefings, death-toll-tickers, masks, lockdowns, and mail-in-votes when 2021’s increase in total death was met with such indifference.  It’s almost like an agenda completely unrelated to public health was behind all the societal changes brought to us by the powers-that-be.

Death by Age Analysis

The table above shows the total deaths by age range for Wood County from 2015 through 2022.  In general, each age group from 25-34 to 85+ experienced an increase in deaths/year from 2020 to 2021.  Again, this is counter intuitive when considering the release of a safe and effective vaccine.  This is additionally alarming because one can plainly see that the 2020 death numbers are already elevated over historical norms specifically because of the pandemic.  So, even if a medical treatment were just a little bit effective, one would expect deaths to begin to return toward their historical averages, not increase above untreated pandemic levels.  If an increase in deaths year-over-year from 2020 to 2021 is not evidence enough of a health emergency in need of investigation, a deeper dive into the data shows alarming increases within specific age groups.

45 – 54-Year-old Deaths

 The 2021 total deaths for the 45-54 age range of 94 is a 36.23% increase over 2020.  As alarming as that increase is, it becomes even more tragic when one sees that there was no increase in death for this age range from 2019 to 2020.  What that should tell us is that Covid did not adversely affect this age range, but something the very next year did.

55 – 64-Year-old Deaths

In the next range of working age West Virginians, we again find an alarming increase of 41.29% in total deaths when comparing 2020 to 2021.  As with the last example, this age range did not appear affected by the pandemic in 2020 as it saw total deaths decrease from 166 in 2019 to 155 in 2020.  However, total deaths for this range increased to 219 in 2021.  Again, something happened in 2021 and no one appears to be curious as to why this happened.

65 – 74-Year-old Deaths

This age range is particularly interesting because not only was the pandemic devastating as shown by the 17.06% increase in total deaths from 2019 to 2020, but 2021 saw those total deaths increase by an additional 29.96% to reach 321.  Although total death decreased in 2022 to 261, this also represented an increase of 5.67% over the already inflated pandemic year total for 2020.  Again, these are human beings and they are dying at an increased rate.  Why are we not investigating?

Are these deaths not as important as those read off as numbers by Governor Jim Justice?  Were we not told that the vaccine was our only hope to avoid death?  I remember our Governor saying not getting the shot was like putting a gun to your own head.  Why has our elevated death not abated?  Shouldn’t 2021 at least see some improvement?  Back when we followed logic, reason, and the scientific method; we would have either seen improvement or understood why we were not.  We used to be a society that gathered evidence, weighed its relevance, and corrected course if that is what the data suggested.

We have lost our collective way and allowed narrative to trump evidence.

Death by Gender Analysis

Perhaps once the public health community wakes up to this catastrophic increase in death, we can do a deeper dive on the age ranges by gender.  For this exercise, a high-level analysis is all that is needed to see reason for alarm.

Male Death

A summary analysis of the table above shows the pre-pandemic years of 2015 -2019 averaged 540 male deaths in Wood County each year.  The first year of the pandemic saw male deaths rise 14.36% to 645.  When vaccines hit the market in 2021, male deaths rose an additional 14.11% to 736.  In 2022, male deaths declined again, but not to pre-pandemic levels.  Total male deaths in 2022 equaled 2020 deaths at 645.  Why would men die at a greater rate after the worst of the pandemic was over and after safe and effective vaccines were introduced?

Female Death

Did you know that less women died in Wood County in 2020 than died in 2019?  I didn’t until I got this data.  I would have thought that the pandemic treated men and women equally or at least close.  The detailed death data shows differently.  While the pandemic year of 2020 saw an additional 81 males die, female death declined by 1 from 571 in 2019 to 570 in 2020.  However, 2021 saw an increase in female death of 133 or 23.33%, and although that total declined in 2022 to 614, this still constitutes an increase in female death of 7.72% in 2022 over the 2020 total.  If we are going to attribute the excess death in 2020 to the pandemic, shouldn’t we at least see the excess death level out at or below the pandemic year levels?  Why are we seeing a 23% increase in female death after the safe and effective vaccines were introduced, and why is female death remaining elevated in 2022?

In preparing this article, we attempted to get data for the entire state in order to understand if what we are experiencing in Wood County is being experienced in other counties as well.  State-wide data was not made available.  I urge each of you reading this to contact your local county clerk and ask for your annual death data by month, age and gender.  Do your own analyses and educate your community.

We live in a society that required a vaccine card to go to baseball games, concerts and even some restaurants.  The State Department’s own website still shows that foreign nationals traveling to the United States require proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 (Travel.State.gov).  In the year of onset of the pandemic, Wood County experienced 1,215 total deaths.  The only treatment promoted and mandated by our public health officials from the CDC to our local state Covid Tsars was the experimental mRNA technology which was still in trials.  This new technology was rolled out under an Emergency Use Authorization approved by the FDA when Pfizer’s own documentation showed that 1,223 trial participants experienced a fatal outcome.


If Pfizer knew their experimental mRNA technology resulted in the death of 1,223 trial participants, should we be shocked that death in 2021 and 2022 are higher than the pandemic year of 2020?  Should we have been told that we would see many people die unexpectedly but the lives the technology saved were immeasurable?  Should we have been told something?  Why are we being made to ignore this catastrophic rise in death in Wood County?

Should we not be concerned that an experimental medical technology was forced on the population and in that same year death grew by 18.44%?  The CDC’s website shows vaccine uptake in West Virginia and appears to show a correlation between vaccines administered and a rise in death.

SourceCDC Covid Tracker

Correlation is not causation and the chart above shows vaccines administered statewide rather than just for Wood County, but correlation is an indicator for the need to investigate.  We have heard about long-Covid and how climate change is causing heart attacks and strokes.  That is pure conjecture.  Evidence exists in the numbers the government is reporting that maybe this new technology is causing some adverse effects.  Should we not at least investigate this correlation?  If for no other reason than to quell the rising voices of concern?  By ignoring this obvious data, the medical/public health community is risking the loss of all credibility.

Is our increase in deaths/month due to cancer?  We’ve been dealing with C-8 for years, and the Ames fire of 2017 certainly released toxins.  Did we experience an increase in auto accidents?  Are these excess deaths from heart attacks or strokes?  In a civilized society these questions would be answered by our public health officials.

With knowledge of this data and seeing the medical/public health community ignoring it, why would a parent trust any medical procedure or treatment?  We are told the childhood vaccine schedule is for the health of our children; and, therefore, children must be vaccinated to attend public school.  What if instead it is for the financial health of the vaccine makers and medical professionals (How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make from Vaccines)?

If our scientific community is going to abandon the scientific method and instead lean on political science, We The People should be able to ignore their guidance without fear of reprisal.

I am not a doctor or a scientist and cannot tell you why this increase is happening, nor can I tell you why our media, government and public health establishments continue to ignore this data.

I cannot tell you why the data from one county clerk does not match up with the data from the next county clerk.  What I can tell you is that both sets of data show Wood County death increasing in both 2021 and 2022 when compared to what was supposed to be the deadly pandemic year of 2020.  What I can tell you is we completely changed our society and mandated people cover their faces and take an experimental shot when 1,215 Wood County residents died in 2020.  That death total increased by 18.44%, and we have been told to ignore the one new variable added to the equation in 2021.  The mRNA technology continues to be promoted even though the medical trials have not ended; and a dramatic rise in death can be documented not just in Wood County, but across the entire nation (Edward Dowd: Cause Unknown – Or is It?).

We cannot wait for this news to hit our local papers or news channels.  It is up to We the People to sound the alarm. 

Note – Wood County is the 5th largest county by population in West Virginia with an estimated 83,498 residents or 4.70% of the West Virginia total population of 1,775,929.