MOVCAC – WV HB5243 Women’s Rights

February 11, 2024
Sean P. Keefe: Contributor

When living in the Dumb Age one has to get used to the idiocracy placed on public display for all to see.  Below you will find the public hearing held in the West Virginia House last week.  Special thanks go out to Denny and Gail Westover for attending and speaking in favor of this women’s rights bill.

As a society we find ourselves having to argue that our border should be closed and secure, that children should not be exposed to obscene material in government-run schools and libraries, that when we are $34.22 trillion dollars in debt maybe we should not be appropriating billions of dollars to support foreign wars, that a guy who doesn’t know the difference between Mexico and Egypt should not be propped up as our president, and that women should not have to share their private spaces with biological men.

Dumb Ages indeed.

The most important thing I learned from the sinking of the Titanic was the term “women and children first.”  I fear that in today’s society, grown men in wigs and lipstick would push aside women and children in their efforts to escape a sinking ship because “trans women are women.”  Notice absolutely no one is arguing that trans men are men?  Curious, isn’t it?

When you watch the public hearing, please notice how many of the same organizations that are in favor of minimizing the existence of real women also find it totally appropriate to teach children how to perform oral sex and work a butt-plug (Members of MOVCAC testified in favor of WV HB-4654, a bill that aims to restrict minors’ access to pornographic materials):

Planned Parenthood
Fairness West Virginia

Please note how many of those opposed to the bill use the term “punching down” when referring to the debate on transgender issues.  I find that term hilarious when a quick search of the internet can show you actual stories of men pretending to be women actually punching women.

Trans MMA fighter beats woman: Alana McLaughlin stirred up controversy after winning MMA debut against Celine Provost – Sportsskeeda March 2023

I cannot imagine the confusion felt by those who find themselves dealing with non-binary, transgender, or pronoun madness.  It should be noted that the science is certainly not out on any of the transgender medical services.  In fact, it does not take long to understand the emotional cost this confusion causes individuals mired in it.  As you can see in the chart below, approximately 80% of those suffering from transgender medical issues contemplate suicide while approximately 40% of them attempt suicide:

Considered and attempted suicide rate of transgender people in the United States from 2000 to 2022, with a forecast from 2023 to 2030

 Source – Statista

And not all medical professionals agree with transgender treatment.

Deconstructing Transgender Pediatrics 

American College of Pediatricians

Our society used to care for people suffering from emotional or behavioral illnesses.

It is funny how cliches work.  We use them all the time and spend little time trying to understand what they mean, but I would assert that they are ancient wisdom passed down from generation to generation in order to bypass the controllers who wish us to be distracted by these inane arguments.

We have all heard that the “Devil is in the Details.”  As I have watched and participated in many of these stupid arguments, I notice that those in favor of afflicting our culture and society with open borders, gender madness, medical tyranny, and trans women are women wackiness want us to dig into the details when the argument only needs to be made at the highest level:

Borders are secure to protect a society

Pronouns are a tool of language to accurately describe a human

No state has a right to force you into a medical experiment

Biological men should not be allowed in women’s sports or private spaces

Do not let them drag you into the details of their madness.  If we are to survive this Dumb Age, we must keep our arguments as basic as possible.  Remember, Truth is simple, lies are complicated.

Women and children first is also a cliché for a reason.

Contact your WV delegate and senator and tell them you support House Bills 5243 and 4654 because you still believe that women and children come first!

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