MOVCAC Marietta Meeting – January 9, 2023

Week in Review
Week Ending January 13, 2023

Our Lead Security Officer outlined the safety protocol for meetings. Written procedures were distributed and reviewed.

Pass the Salt Ministry members will be speaking at The Friends Church at St. Clairsville on January 14 at 10 AM. Everyone invited.

Tom Zawitowski of “We the People Convention spoke by phone on the Republican-controlled Ohio House election of speaker. All 32 House Democrats voted with 22 House Republicans to elect Jason Stephens. These 22 members had previously promised to vote for past speaker Derick Merrin. It was suggested that John Kasich, Mike DeWine and Democrat unions were behind the stolen vote. It was hinted the democrats voted for Stephens when he promised the following: No abortion bill, Favorable redistricting legislation for Democrats, No bill for raising the needed support for constitutional amendments. It was further suggested that Stephens gave campaign funding for those who supported him as Speaker. Stephens raised $618,000 for his campaign.

The State Central Committee remains in the hands of the Republicans (RINO’s) with the election of Alex Triantafilou. A resolution was brought before members by new Chairman to censure the 22 traitor house members in the Speaker vote. The resolution included no funding or support for the 22 house members for four years. This provision was removed before the vote and the central committee members voted  on the resolution unaware of the omission. Thus, the censure passed without any teeth or accountability of the 22 house members.

Injection Wells –  Please review the article on the MOVCAC site entitled: “Waste from Fracking Wells.” A lawsuit has been filed in Washington County addressing injection wells. The Monroe County case has been settled with Triad Hunter. The case involves forever chemicals PFOA – C8. Bio persistent Chemicals stay in your body forever. The trade secret clause doesn’t allow the state to test for the chemicals in fracking water. DuPont makes one of the chemicals – Teflon. Ohio’s government gets $1.32 per gallon of injected water. Agencies keep changing the numbers on water testing, thus, making the water acceptable to use. Many gas wells have been ruined by the injection wells. The damages to the wells are also a part of the lawsuit. It is a “chemical trespass” on your property. The question remains: Emergency pipelines for water. Who is prepared to supply water to those affected by toxic water supplies?

Vaccine Injuries and Death Football player Damin Hamlin’s heart issues has drawn attention to the number of increased deaths since the introduction of the vaccine. The VAERS report plus Covid Tracker on line detail the deaths and disabilities in the last two years compared to the past 10 years. It is reported that these reports only show 1 percent of the actual injuries and deaths.

The Republican Party is not going to rescue you. Ohio Department of Natural Resources is letting the poisoning of water happen—for money. They don’t care about our environment or health.

Porn Books We continue our battle against porn books in inappropriate places, grooming of underage individuals and undisclosed chemicals in the water. Legislators are presently not interested in protecting the youngest in society nor assuring that our water is safe.

GMRS group – Radios need reprogrammed for a minor discrepancy. A call-in will be scheduled for the covered area of the radio. This is our way to communicate during an emergency.

Prepper training continues – January 19, 2023 from 6 to 8 pm. What are your interests?

Day of Remembrance – January 21, 2023 at 1 pm
This Day of Remembrance is for everyone who wants to honor the memory of those lost as a result of the Covid issue. If you have a friend or loved one who is now gone and you would like their name read at this service, please call 304.916.7732. Leave a message, and a volunteer will return your call. Additional information is available at this number. 

Remember 20 people in the U. S. House stood for our freedom. U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson-OH and Alex Mooney-WV were NOT among them. He also voted for the 4,000-page Omnibus bill in December. He voted for Biden’s policies and spending to September 2023. He has not acknowledged the J6 American citizens still incarcerated in DC.

It’s 2023. What Now? – MOVCAC Contributor: Sean P. Keefe
I can’t tell you the specific moment when I woke up to the upside-down world we now find ourselves inhabiting.  I remember spending more time pondering the nature of our reality sometime after Donald Trump was elected president.  Most of my memories of Donald Trump included the USFL of the 80s, professional wrestling, New York glamor, boxing and gambling.  By 2016, the bizzarro nature of our reality had become undeniable and itemizable… [ Read Entire Article ]

Next meeting January 23, 2023

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY a Documentary about people dying after taking the Covid “shot” from the award-winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.

[ Watch Here ]