It’s 2023. What Now?

Date: January 1, 2023
MOVCAC Contributor:  Sean P. Keefe

I can’t tell you the specific moment when I woke up to the upside-down world we now find ourselves inhabiting.  I remember spending more time pondering the nature of our reality sometime after Donald Trump was elected president.  Most of my memories of Donald Trump included the USFL of the 80s, professional wrestling, New York glamor, boxing and gambling.  By 2016, the bizzarro nature of our reality had become undeniable and itemizable:

  • J. Simpson – All-American hero turned accused double murderer and social pariah
  • Bruce Jenner – Greatest male athlete in the world turned geriatric cross dresser
  • Bill Cosby – America’s dad turned serial rapist
  • Donald Trump – New York real estate mogul, entrepreneur and self-promoting entertainer turned Bull-in-the-China-Shop establishment disruptor

By the time the 2016 presidential election arrived, I had already given up on the system.  Donald Trump was a larger-than-life entertainer painted into a carnival-barking caricature by the corrupt and completely captured media who ran protection for the equally corrupt and captured Hillary Clinton.  Our system and society had just become too ridiculous to take seriously any longer.

Donald Trump changed that.  He began calling out the fake news and corrupt politicians.  No wonder he had to be the obnoxious bully toward the media.  As we have learned over the last few years, the legacy media really is The Fake News.  They lie about everything and do nothing but cover for corrupt politicians, corporate overlords, and bureaucrats.  Donald Trump had no choice but to rattle the chains of the establishment and verbally joust with the CIA-selected and trained pretty faces used to propagandize the American public.  He had millions of sleeping sheeple to awaken.

This corrupt cabal of media, democrat, and RINO operatives inside and outside of government bureaucracies conspired to create scandals to derail the operations of the duly elected President of the United States.  We now know for a fact, due to testimony in both the Michael Sussman and Igor Danchenko trials, that Hillary Clinton and the DNC conspired with government officials to create a non-existent connection between Donald Trump and Russia.

The public is now being made aware of the validity of the Hunter Biden laptop which shows evidence of human trafficking, drug and weapon offenses, and most importantly, confirms that Joe Biden lied when he denied knowledge of his son’s foreign business activities.  We now know the FBI had the laptop and used their power and influence with media companies to suppress this information prior to the 2020 election.  Not only did this influence the presidential election, this exposed the multi-tiered nature of our law enforcement/legal system.

If you doubt the influence your taxpayer-funded intelligence community had on the election, please look into Elon Musk’s Twitter Files releases.

What else have we learned in 2022:

Empty Lots really did vote in the 2020 presidential election – MOVCAC Election Integrity Report.

If you fight for medical freedom, the WV republican party will primary you and ensure your defeat – See page 2 of the election integrity report linked above.

Drag Queens are allowed to perform for children in our public parks.

Men dressed as women dancing provocatively are allowed to accept dollar bills from children at public venues.

Men dressed as women are allowed to stand in front of a classroom of children in our public schools and demand the children describe him by using nonsensical pronouns.

A person can be too stupid to know how to define a woman but still be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States – Kentaji Brown Jackson.

You are a rightwing extremist if you think material containing depictions of oral sex and strap-on dildos should not be available for viewing or checkout by children at our public libraries – Lies of Omission.

You are a Putin-Lover if you recognize the money laundering occurring with the cross-dressing comedian whose government was placed in power by a U.S. perpetrated color revolution in 2014.

You are a disinformation propagator if you find it odd that the U.S. has appropriated over $100 billion dollars specifically for Ukraine, while Russia’s total defense spending for the same period is $84 billion.

You are a Putin-Lover if you point out that the U.S. funded biolabs on the doorstep of Russia.

You don’t believe in democracy if you think $4 billion for our own border is not enough, and $100 billion for Ukraine’s border is too much.

West Virginia recognized a plagiarist as principle of the year and the Wood County BOE president is charged with unethical behavior.

Joe Biden and his family can have 150 suspicious activity reports filed with the department of the Treasury, but Donald Trump’s home is raided.

Transitory inflation was a lie, and the Biden regime knew it when they pushed out those talking points.

It is okay for election officials to program the wrong ballot image at precinct printers, causing massive issues for election day voters in Maricopa County, Arizona.

You can be a brain-damaged stroke victim and still get elected to the United States Senate.

Joe Biden, Katie Hobbs, and John Fetterman sign a joint book deal (titled “The Sheeple – Baffled by Bullshit”) explaining the new political strategy of not campaigning, not debating, and not meeting with the public while winning powerful political offices.

All right, I made that last one up, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see it on the store shelves at some point.

The list above could go on forever.  I didn’t even mention anything about vaccines, treatments for Covid, the coverup of the origins of Covid, freedom protests from across the world, or the excess deaths of young healthy people being experienced not only on a worldwide level but right here in Wood County, West Virginia.

Out of all of the debris still circulating from the shaken snow-globe syndrome being perpetrated on our society, two recent incidents should prove to you and any other doubters that all that is happening is the deliberate destruction of what was once our great country.

  • The FTX Crypto Scam – Sam Bankman Fried robbed billions from innocent investors while donating millions to politicians and earning the nickname Mini-Maddoff. In less than a month he has been arrested, extradited from a foreign country, arraigned and released on bail to fly home on a private jet and await trial from the comfort of his mommy and daddy’s home.January 6th prisoners – Innocent patriots remain jailed going on two years awaiting trial for entering the Capitol building and obstructing congress.  Some of those charged with crimes from January 6th have already committed suicide.
  • Even after an obviously stolen election, republicans took control of the House of Representatives. Knowing that the house would be under conservative control come January, what did Bitch McConnell and the Rinos in the Senate do?  They agreed to fund everything the Dems wanted with a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill rather than negotiating a short-term funding agreement and allowing the republican house to negotiate the longer budget.

The FTX scandal shows that our system now only works for the powerful and protected, while the omnibus bill shows that We The People are no longer being represented by our government.  The People chose republican fiscal control in November.  By December, the upper chamber decided the people didn’t matter.

So, what now?

What do you do after you’ve canvassed, identified election anomalies and reported them to the county commission and local media?

What do you do after you’ve gathered the data and presented it multiple times to the local health board showing death and disease increased after the introduction of the vaccines?

What do you do after you’ve identified pornographic material being made available to children both at school and in the public library, reported this to local and state authorities, and identified the specific laws being broken?

What do you do when society tells you grown men dressed as women must be treated as women?

What do you do when our educational system indoctrinates our youth with nonsensical gender religion and parents don’t fight back?

What do you do when law enforcement refuses to enforce the law?

What do you do when the electoral system no longer reflects the will of the people?

What do you do when those selected to lead our society no longer reflect the people they are selected to serve?

What do you do when the judicial system no longer provides justice?

What now, indeed.

Keep moving.  Keep sharing.  Keep waking up friends and family.

When the system no longer works for The People, The People are duty-bound to change the system.  We do that by learning, informing, reporting, educating, attending, helping, encouraging, supporting, debating, preparing, documenting, analyzing, and praying.  In short, we continue to do what we have been doing.  This is an action game, a participatory endeavor, not a spectator sport.

Less people are taking these mRNA experimental gene-therapy shots.  More people realize our electoral system is broken.  More people realize our public health policymakers are harming our society.  The over-sexualization of our children is being exposed throughout our culture.  Less people blindly believe what they learn from their media sources.  More people understand the effect public policy has on the health of our economy.

People have to see and understand what our neglect has done to our society.  Our current path away from God, distracted by the latest consumer bauble and/or nonsensical thought experiment birthed by the societal comfort and boredom only made possible by the very virtues being destroyed, can only end in devastation.  We must learn from this debacle and modify our societal structures to avoid this in the future.  People are waking up and when enough people wake up, we can turn our world right-side-up again.

I cannot tell you why people struggle to see the Truth.  I can only tell you that I see it; and if you are reading this, you probably see it too.  What choice do we have?  Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.  Our job is to help others see it too.


It’s 2023.  What now?

Fight on, that’s what!