Democrat Ohio Judge rules

Democrat Ohio Judge rules voters should be able to send back their absentee ballot by “fax or email” in insane ruling – Appeals Court Stays Order!

Opinion: by Tom Zawistowski
President, We the People Convention

On Friday, September 11, 2020 Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Stephen L. McIntosh, a Democrat, sided with Ohio Democratic Party attorneys who argued nothing in current state law prohibits state officials from offering an online option for absentee voting. McIntosh’s Friday ruling says the state must allow voters to fill out a physical form and email an image or fax it to their county elections office.

The current system allows voters to request an absentee ballot application online, but the actual application itself must be printed off and filled out in ink and signed before being physically delivered to a county elections office.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, a Republican, said “Today’s ruling rolls out the red carpet to Russian hackers — painting a giant bullseye on the back of our election system and upending the significant progress Ohio has made on election cybersecurity,” LaRose said in a statement. “It injects chaos into what was already a challenging election for our county boards of election, and we are confident that a higher court will correct this quickly.”