Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a lie

Marietta Times – Editorial Page
Carol Costanzo
June 25

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a lie. A toxic brew of soul-crushing Marxist racism.

CRT slanders the many heroes of American History, black and white. It ignores the 8 states that within the Revolutionary generation moved to immediately or gradually abolish slavery. It ignores the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 forbidding slavery in what is now the North Central US. It ignores the 300,000+ Union white men who fought and died to restore a Union purged, cleansed, and redeemed of slavery. It ignores the flourishing and achievement of black Americans in the post-slavery generations.

CRT cheats children of knowledge of the glory in their history, of the fact that no other nation has so eviscerated itself in an ocean of blood to bring forth its Founding principles, principles based in Biblical truth, into existence for all Americans.

Yet CRT does worse. It rejects children as unique individuals, created in the image of God, and reduces them to group identity as oppressors or oppressed. CRT consigns black children to victimhood by a “white power” structure, obviating the triumphs of black agency espoused by heroes like Frederick Douglas. It shames white children into believing they are bad, and teaches all children to hate their country. It generates suspicion and animosity between the races, which is clearly the goal of CRT power players intent on destroying our nation as founded.

This is blatant child abuse. A more cruel, dishonest, demoralizing indoctrination and kill shot to the dream of Martin Luther King can hardly be imagined.

Hear the voices across our nation rising up against this calumny and do your part to STOP CRT.

Carol Costanzo

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