California let the plan out of the bag four months ago.

Rep. Nino Vitale
Sepember 5

If you have been following me, you know that almost 4 months ago ,I reported that if you have one bathroom in your home and you, or worse your child tests positive for COVID, they will remove your child from your home. I got this information from a Ventura County California health director who let is slip back in early May and I happened to catch it and post both the video and transcript on May 12. I have included that post and the short 3-minute video for your review below.

Now we learn WHERE they are going to take children when they remove them from your home: FEMA Concentration Camps, set up right here in Ohio. The hardest working journalist in Ohio, Jack Windsor, has reported this important information.

The Windsor article states, “August 31 – an (Ohio) order creating Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shelters and legalizing their use for people who “are unable to safely self-quarantine in their place of residence and to isolate those diagnosed with or showing symptoms of COVID-19.””

We also learned on Thursday that Mike DeWine announced in another new order that all K-12 schools are mandated to report COVID positive test results from students. Are the schools being used to report positive COVID cases so that your child may be removed from the home based on mandatory school reporting?

Again, I want to take you back 4 months where I stated in my reporting, “they will FIND YOU and FORCE you into isolation. They will REMOVE YOU or a FAMILY MEMBER from your home.”

That may have all seemed like conspiracy theory back then, but here we are. They told us what they were going to do, and these articles and the new Ohio orders connect the dots. Click the link and listen carefully in 20 seconds, how a health director in California let the plan out of the bag four months ago.

Then read the article from Jack Windsor and the latest news on Governor DeWine requiring schools to report ALL K-12 student COVID cases to the government.

Why are we not hearing about this from the traditional news outlets? Because they are too busy scaring people with twisted statistics and facts.
Lastly, I ask you this question, are our schools, teachers, faculty, and staff being used as a means to test our children and have them removed from our homes?

Here is the link from 4 months ago telling us they will remove people from their homes who only have one bathroom.
Here is the link explaining how Ohio will be using shelters for people who are unable to ‘safely’ quarantine in their home by Jack Windsor.

Here is the link proving DeWine is forcing all schools to report child COVID cases to the government.

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