A nation divided

News and Sentinel
May 1st 2021
John R. Davis

The United States of America, the greatest country in the history of the world where many brave heroes have died to protect our God-given freedoms for future generations, and founded by brilliant men of foresight in 1776, is unfortunately greatly divided and at a crossroads.

The two sides are clearly defined, established and entrenched:

We the people — government;
Work — don’t work;
Private — public;
Independent — dependent;
Small government — big government;
Small business — big business;
Low taxes — high taxes;
Pro military — pro militant;
Support police — attack police;
Guns — no guns;
God — no god;
Pro life — pro death;
Free speech — control speech;
Free press — state-run media;
Positive — negative;
Truth — lies;
Fearless — fearful;
Peaceful protest — violent riots;
Minority opportunity — minority suppression;
Free culture — cancel culture;
Real history — rewrite history;
Law abiding — law violating;
Protected borders — open borders;
Legal immigration — illegal immigration;
Election integrity — election fraud;
Election Day — Election Month;
accountability — no accountability;
Strong America — weak America;
Wave the flag — burn the flag;
USA –world;
America first –America not first;
Free republic — socialist society;
Love America — hate America;
Freedom — tyranny;
Constitution — manifesto;
Conservatism — communism.

Which side of history will you be on?

God bless America.

John R. Davis

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