State officials protecting bureaucrats, not hardworking citizens

Marietta Times
February 4, 2023

Letter to the Editor
Ohio Dollar General Stores

After reading the article in the newspapers that the state of Ohio is closing all Ohio Dollar General Stores because of what they say are infractions. This “they” would be a group of bureaucrats who work for the DeWine-Husted administration in Columbus. These people would rarely, if ever, go to a Dollar General Store but would drive ten miles to buy coffee at Starbucks. Or they may show up at a Dollar General ribbon cutting along with every other local bureaucrat and elected official and never return after that.

Dollar General Stores are in rural and urban areas where many people who are less fortunate find it convenient and economical to shop. These stores may have had some issues with pricing, but most of those issues would have been the result of the DeWine-Husted COVID overreach and shutdown of businesses; thus, making it difficult for them to find people to reopen and find enough employees to keep up to date with pricing and computer update.

Does the DeWine bureaucratic force know or care about those problems? No—just shut them down. I find it repugnant that with the government overreach that never seems to get reeled back in by Ohio legislators. They never came together to roll back any of the draconian rules and regulations that DeWine introduced during the pandemic. Hundreds of businesses closed; hundreds of families lost their businesses; and all he can talk about is bringing some big and better business to Ohio. But not for the little people, as he refers to them, that live and shop stores like Dollar General.

It is tragic that we live under the thumb of incompetents and uncaring governors like Mike DeWine of Ohio or Jim Justice of West Virginia. Both are completely out of control, and legislators will not deal with the problems they have created.

As of this date, the DeWine administration has no problem with the millions of gallons of toxic waste being hauled into southeastern Ohio and pumped into the earth in injection wells. Could it be because this produces millions of dollars for the State of Ohio? And they do nothing for the losers—the landowners who are dealing with the toxic waste that is surfacing and ruining gas wells. Instead, they go after Dollar General which is needed by Ohio residents, particularly in remote parts of the state.

The needs of the little people remain neglected, and the electorate remain elitists.


Glenn Newman
MOVCAC Marietta Chapter