Radical Indoctrination Southern Ohio Schools

Ohio Value Voters
May 2021


Over the past several months the Protect Ohio Children Coalition has received several reports of rampant radical indoctrination in Lakota Local and Kings Local school districts in southern Ohio. Now parents and citizens are organizing and going to these school boards to speak against the curriculum and instruction presented in the classrooms that harms children and exposes them to inappropriate materials (harmful to minors). Ohio’s government needs to take action. Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sex Education curriculum have infiltrated these schools.

Watch these two videos of parents and tax-payers passionately demanding change in these schools!

Lakota Local School District
Kings Local School District

Soon you will learn about the rigorous work we are doing to roll out new technology and processes to monitor and track school systems in Ohio that are presenting harmful materials to children. The Protect Ohio Children Coalition is growing and organizing state-wide.

Here’s what tax-payers in Lakota Local & Kings Local schools should do immediately

  • Inspect curriculum. Parents have rights in Ohio.

The Ohio Revise Code (ORC) permits parents the right to examine and inspect all school material that is used in the instruction of their child. https://codes.ohio.gov/ohio-revised-code/section-3313.60    The following is the specific language related to parental rights found in ORC 3313.60.(G) Upon the request of any parent or legal guardian of a student, the board of education of any school district shall permit the parent or guardian to promptly examine, with respect to the parent’s or guardian’s own child:(1) Any survey or questionnaire, prior to its administration to the child;(2) Any textbook, workbook, software, video, or other instructional materials being used by the district in connection with the instruction of the child;(3) Any completed and graded test taken or survey or questionnaire filled out by the child;(4) Copies of the statewide academic standards and each model curriculum developed pursuant to section 3301.079 of the Revised Code, which copies shall be available at all times during school hours in each district school building.Ohio Value Voters urges parents throughout the state to investigate the curriculum used in educating your child. It is your right and obligation as a parent.

  • Replace Leadership. Lakota & Kings Local tax-payers need to start planning now to replace the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent with academic-focused leadership who pledge to remove radical indoctrination from the school system.
  • Replace School Board Members. Citizens should start planning now to replace school board members, through the election process, who are uncooperative to remove these programs.
  • Monitor and Stay Vigilant. Parents and citizens should closely monitor the schools and attend school board meetings.
  • Pray for an end to the radical indoctrination of children.

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