Minnesota should be KICKED OUT of the U.S.A. for this insane move

Minnesota may be a safe haven for child predators if Representative Leigh Finke passes bill [HF 1655](https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bills/bill…. The bill provides protection for various sexual orientations but it excludes adults who have “a physical or sexual attachment to children.” Finke, a transgender person, [proposes removing that exclusion](https://reduxx.info/transgender-state…. Meaning that child predators would be a protected sexual orientation. Why do this? If MAP is a protected sexual orientation, how would it be criminalized? There is a movement online to re-brand child predators as minor-attracted persons (MAP) or youth-attracted persons (YAP). Recently, a YAP flag showed up on Twitter and Elon Musk suspended the account saying that is “not tolerated on this platform.” If you see this flag online, report it.