Liars and Their Bully Pulpit

Date: August 11, 2023
MOVCAC Contributor:  Sean P. Keefe

(Editor’s Note – This article was updated on August 17, 2023, to properly identify the published printed materials from which the pictures were obtained.)

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States and a man’s man.  He was a Rough Rider who fought against the Spanish army.  He was a conservationist, antitrust progressive, statesman and writer turned politician.  He was also a man who understood how to use soft power.  He coined the term Bully Pulpit to describe the ability of a person to use their platform to push for the adoption of their agenda or ideas.  Since the term’s arrival on the political scene, it has correctly described the soft power that comes with political or social leadership.

Politics in many ways is an art of persuasion.  The politician tries to persuade his constituents that his ideas are best and that he should be elected to a given position.  Once elected, he again must persuade his fellow elected officials that his ideas are awesome and should be enacted.  Much like a preacher, a politician has a platform for addressing society not available to the common man.  In the same way that a preacher can use his pulpit to steer society in a moral direction, the politician has his bully pulpit from which he can steer societal behavior.

The bully pulpit can be used to encourage a shift in societal thinking.  John F. Kennedy used the President’s bully pulpit to instill in the youth of America a sense of service or volunteerism.

“Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”

This statement was not a law – there was no legal weight assigned to it.  It was one man using his position to sway the hearts and minds of the American people.  In the same way, many in the civil rights movement used their positions of power to persuade the American population to recognize that all men are created equal regardless of skin color or race.  Civil rights laws do not change hearts and minds; the bully pulpit does.

The Bully Pulpit and Covid

Jim Justice, Tony Fauci and Joe Biden all know what the bully pulpit is and how to use it.

During the worst of the Covid madness, Tony Fauci told you to wear two masks.  He was so effective in his use of the bully pulpit that many people wore three masks.  Joe Biden mandated vaccines for millions of Americans with absolutely no force in law.  Not one law was passed establishing that citizens were required to take the Covid vaccine.  However, he used his position to pressure businesses and local governments alike to enforce both mask and vaccine mandates.  During one of his covid updates, Jim Justice said from his office, the most powerful bully pulpit in our state, “Honest to Pete, they might as well cock a gun right at their head,” when discussing people’s hesitancy to take a booster.   (EXPLOSIVE! Gov .Jim Justice – ”Some double jabbed might as well cock a gun at their head…’).

Throughout Covid, people in power locally and nationally used their bully pulpit to shame people who understood the science behind masks.  They used their bully pulpit to shame those who wished to have informed consent prior to submitting to a medical experiment.  Jim Justice and Clay Marsh repeatedly used their bully pulpit to shame pregnant women into taking the experimental mRNA jabs even though there was no data regarding safety.  Our governor and Covid Czar used bribery and coercion to increase acceptance of these dangerous shots (Justice launches new COVID-19 vaccine incentive giveaway).

All of these steps are in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code.

How can they do this without getting into trouble?  Because they have the bully pulpit.  Is Attorney General Patrick Morrisey going to prosecute Jim Justice?  Not a chance.  Is Merrick Garland going to prosecute Joe Biden?  Not even if there is overwhelming evidence that he and his son conspired to take millions in bribes.  Is anyone going after Tony Fauci for his lies about masks or his office having funded gain of function activities in Wuhan, China?  Fat chance.  He has the backing of all of lamestream media.  He is completely protected by his bully pulpit.

There are too many examples of politicians and celebrities using their bully pulpit to advance their ideas or agendas to document in a small article.  Watch any State Of The Union or Oscars speech to see how the bully pulpit functions in our society.

The Bully Pulpit and Pornography Available to Children

In many ways Covid and pornography for children are the same attack – The only difference is the age of the victims.  Covid most adversely affected our elderly population, while the pornography in libraries is used to attack our children.  If you notice, these books are not appearing in nursing homes and men in woman-face are not reading to retirees.  As the author Rabbi Johnathan Cahn says capture the children and you capture the future.  You may also notice that the-powers-that-be always seem to be on the side opposite of The People.

If you have not seen the filth that is being made available to our children and grandchildren, I encourage you to research “Gender Queer,” “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” or “Let’s Talk About It.”  We are not talking about innocent sex education.  We are talking about fellatio, anal plugs, cunnilingus, and looking up your favorite porn star.  It is pornography.

Op-ed: Lies of omission are still lies

I was with Jessica Rowley when she handed the obscene matter directly to Governor Jim Justice resulting in – Dead Silence.

Jessica and other citizens have hand delivered this obscene material directly to our prosecuting attorney, Pat LeFebure, resulting in – Dead Silence.

Several citizens have brought this material to the Wood County Board of Education.  Many have brought this issue to the attention of Parkersburg City Council and the County Commission.  These three governmental entities appoint the board of directors for the library.  So far, the Board of Education has modified their policies that are used to appoint those positions.  But Brian Raitz remains library director, and those books remain available to children.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in response to the Covid protocols proclaimed, “Screw your freedom.”

Jimmy Kimmel said of unvaccinated sick people seeking care in hospitals, “Rest in peace, wheezy.”

George Clooney proclaimed in 2020, “Put a f***ing mask on!”

These tools of the establishment had no trouble working with the-powers-that-be in enforcing behavioral compliance to state propaganda.

Where are these “stars” when children are being sexualized so openly – Dead Silent.

Where is the use of the bully pulpit to protect our children?  When these politicians tell you they have no authority to affect these books being available, they are lying.  They had no authority to require us to stand 6 feet away from each other.  They had no authority to require us to wear an oxygen-depriving facial covering.  And they had no authority to require us to participate in a medical experiment.

Their only authority came from the bully pulpit they happened to occupy.  Why do they not use this same bully pulpit to protect our children from this filth?  Where is their political courage?  It does not exist.

On August 1, 2023, MOVCAC hosted the Attorney General of West Virginia at the Rock in Parkersburg.  At that event, Mr. Morrisey had ample opportunity to vilify and call out libraries and schools for making these books available to children.  Instead, he talked about the Miller Test and its use to determine obscenity.  In so doing, he is stating that he has no authority and cannot do anything about your children or grandchildren having material available to them that depicts, in comic book form, a young girl wearing a strap-on phallic device that another young human has placed in their mouth.  Even though state law clearly indicates that it is illegal to make this material available to a child in a public library unless that child’s parent is present:

We have tried to enlist journalists to at least provide both sides to this story.  If you read the “Lies of Omission” op-ed linked above, you’ll notice that they put a disclaimer on the article noting that some readers might be offended.  Our local newspaper continues to hide the material from their readers.  Mountain State Spotlight has covered the story but refuses to show their readers the material that is obscene (Mountain State Spotlight explains: How books are added to — and removed from — West Virginia’s public libraries).

In response to the Mountain State Spotlight article, John Davis corresponded with Co-Founder and Senior Editor Ken Ward Jr. and shared the obscene material.  Mr. Ward approved fully of the article and has no problem with how the issue was reported.  Again, no one in authority will share these images with the public.  How is the public to know if the material is pornographic or not if no one will show it to them?  We have shown it to many elected “leaders” and law enforcement in Wood County and they have decided to do nothing about it.

I apologize for having to share the following images, but these are the images and themes that your elected officials refuse to protect our children from (these are the images from “Let’s Talk About It”,  “Sex Criminals”, and “Gender Queer”,  that were shared with Mr. Ward):


All of the books with these illustrations are available at your local government-run library and purchasable at Amazon.

Again, we are not talking about bad words.  We are talking about full-on sex depicted in graphic form.  Jessica and Senator Mike Azinger were on WV Uncovered and showed the reporter the material (WV Uncovered – August 5, 2023).  The reporter’s facial reaction says it all.

This is pornography and no one in our government believes it worthy of their bully pulpit.

The bottom line is that the Bully Pulpit has been used to help shape societal behavior since the beginning of time.  We can see the sexualization of our children occurring in public and private life throughout our country.  We are now allowing physicians to surgically change the sexual organs of minors.  We now allow our medical community to exclude parents from medical decisions for their children.  We now allow sexual material to be presented to our children both in government-run schools and government-run libraries.

WE are allowing this.  Those in public life to whom we have given the bully pulpit have abdicated their responsibility of steering our society to a more enlightened, moral, and healthy future.  Instead, they have remained silent as our children and grandchildren have come under attack.

To those who have raised their voices and fought against this madness, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To those who have remained silent as our children and grandchildren have come under this obvious attack, I say shame on you.

The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to remain silent.  Do not remain silent.

Make shame great again.

Editor’s Note – This article was updated on August 17, 2023, to properly identify the published printed materials from which the pictures were obtained.