Heart disease in children explodes since vaccine

The Irish Light
Issue 11

Sudden deaths of children soar as media stay silent

The greatest crime ever committed by an Irish government – and there have been many – will not be concealed from the Irish people for much longer. As hard as the HSE tries to cover up the horrifying impact of the covid vaccine on Irish children, there is no containing the staggering toll of sudden deaths in young people.

Almost daily, the faces of sporty teenagers and newborn infants appear on the pages of RIP.ie: perfectly healthy children struck down by a fatal heart attack, stroke or sudden unexplained death.

There has also been a sharp rise in cases of sudden and severe hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) in children under 10, which has been seen in at least 20 countries including Ireland.

Why are so many healthy children dying? What has changed in their lives to cause it? We all know the answer but many still do not have the courage to say it out loud because they know they too may meet the same fate.

American cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough spoke recently about the astonishing lack of concern and outrage expressed by family members when young people die after the vaccine. He put it down to the mass psychosis that has gripped our nation since the advent of covid, explaining that these people are in a zombie-like state where they are emotionally inert to the death of a loved one because it has been caused by a hypodermic needle.

It’s a classic case of cognitive dissonance and denial often witnessed in parents whose perfectly healthy toddler becomes violently autistic in the aftermath of the MMR vaccine. They know what changed their child overnight but cannot state it publicly because they are the ones responsible.

And so it is with the covid vaccine: how many children whose lives have been wiped out were urged to take it by their reckless parents? They will have to live with that for the rest of their lives. If only they knew the peace and strength they would feel if they could find the courage to speak out and save other young lives. At least their child’s death would not have been in vain.

But soon the dam of silence will burst because the injury levels are too alarming to ignore.

In the US, the number of injuries and deaths recorded in the government database of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) following covid vaccines has soared above 1.2 million cases.

This represents an increase of 3008% compared to the previous 30 years of vaccine use.

In the world of sport, there has been at least 930 post-vaccine heart attacks and more than 620 deaths.

As of March 24, 2022, VAERS had received 2,323 reports of heart inflammation among people ages 30 years and younger who received the vaccine.

Youngsters involved in the GAA – which took a draconian approach to vaccination – have been dying at a terrifying rate.

RTE and the rest of the mainstream media, which could not exist without Big Pharma/HSE funding, should be interrogating the sporting organisation as to why so many of its young members are dropping dead. But instead they close ranks refusing to even acknowledge the sheer numbers who are dying and try to normalise sudden death, heart disease and strokes in children or cynically imply that the child committed suicide.

It is a crime which will seal their demise when the public finally learn the truth about how they were duped into taking this lethal experimental drug. Even the manufacturers admit in the small print that their vaccines have side effects.

Pfizer released a document listing over 9 pages of over 1200 adverse events of special interest.


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