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Pelosi Changes House Rules in DEAD of Night to Illegally “Pass” the phony “Infrastructure” and “$3.5 Trillion” Socialist “Green New Deal”. What are Republicans going to do to stop them?

If you remember how Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi forced former Representative Bart Stupak and the 19 Blue Dog democrats to cave on the Obamacare construct in 2010, then you have a solid reference point for what Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are doing right now.

As you are reading this Nancy Pelosi has pulled together her leadership group overnight to change the House rules for legislative passage of the $3.5 trillion Green New Deal spending package under the auspices of “infrastructure.”

This $3.5 trillion spending bill is in addition to the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that came from the Senate, and… she is using the $2 trillion budget package as the carrier for a slick “Deem and Pass” maneuver.

As we have seen before, right now Pelosi is changing the House rules to have a single vote on the current budget proposal which will include a ‘deem and pass’ provision that adds the $3.5 trillion Green New Deal spending package to it.

By voting to pass the omnibus budget bill, all House members will also be voting to authorize as passed the additional $3.5 trillion GND as a wraparound.

This means one single vote passes this massive social engineering project with more than $5.5 trillion in spending in a single bill.  Thereafter the House will vote on the Senate bill separately to add another $1.5 trillion, bringing the total spending by the House before they depart to a whopping $7 trillion; forever changing the American landscape.

After several hours of discussion and conference with a group of 10 ‘moderate’ democrats led by New Jersey Representative Josh Gottheimer, shortly before 1:00am ET Pelosi sent the House Democrats home with a pledge to finish the rules changes and prepare for a vote today, Tuesday.   The House will reconvene at noon and the votes will be whipped.

In the final analysis, it looks like Gottheimer and his ten moderate colleagues are going to end up doing the same thing as Bart Stupak and the Blue Dogs did with Obamacare.  Which means they will likely cave and approve the bill and procedural changes.

 WASHINGTON DC – […] Several of the moderates were particularly incensed by a wonky maneuver that would wrap consideration of the ground rules of debate and the budget resolution itself into one vote, rather than the original plan that required two votes to advance the spending bill. After a few of them balked at Pelosi’s initial offer, Gottheimer returned for his second round of meetings with leadership and then shuttled back to his fellow centrists.
Democrats are by nature totalitarian dictators and just like Bart Stupak, Josh Gottheimer is being threatened by Pelosi and House leadership if he doesn’t go along and get his group to vote in support of Pelosi’s massive scheme.   All indications are this group of moderate democrats will not hold up against the massive onslaught of pressure from the leftists now in control of the party.

In the aftermath of ObamaCare Bart Stupak (Michigan) and the entire 19 member blue-dog caucus were wiped out in the 2010 mid-term election; however, by then ObamaCare was cemented.  Democrats actually lost a total of 63 seats in the U.S. House (biggest crushing defeat since 1938) and lost 6 seats in the Senate.  That was the political cost to Democrats, but they won their government takeover of healthcare and college tuition.

The $3.5 trillion Green New Deal/Socialist takeover plan is tracking along an almost identical path to ObamaCare.   Schemes, rule changes and parliamentarian tricks used to get passage ‘by any means necessary.

Georgia Republican Representative Barry Loudermilk (GA-11th CD) attempted to send an urgent clarion call for help last night.  WATCH:

Call YOUR U.S. House Member and DEMAND that they do WHAT EVER IT TAKES to STOP this FLAGRANT violation of our Constitutional and Bastardization of our Representative Form of Government! 

Call the Congressional Switchboard (202) 224-3121 starting next week (Aug 23th), and DEMAND ALL members of Congress vote NO on the 1.2 TRILLION Infrastructure Bill and NO on the $3.5 Trillion Green New Deal “Budget”!  Call EVERY REPUBLICAN (even if not in your district) and call the Democrats too! 

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We have to stop this Communist takeover of our Constitutional Republic. These Bills are the funding mechanism to destroy your Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity!  They must NOT PASS in the U.S. House. Republicans must do WHATEVER IT TAKES to stop them.

YOU must do whatever it takes to stop them! Call them! Write to them! Go to their office in your community and confront them! Do not accept NO for an answer. Our Nation is at Stake. THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!

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