Ex-transgender influencer Oli London warns US needs to ‘wake up’ and ban gender-affirming care

By Fox Business

Speaking out against the radical tactics used by pro-transgender activists, one detransitioning media personality cautioned against gender ideologies being taught to young children.

“It’s affecting millions of young people,” Oli London said on “The Bottom Line” Monday night. “And it’s not right that we’re doing this to kids, that hormones, puberty blockers and surgeries are being pushed on kids that have no concept of what this will do to their later life.”

“They really push this cancel culture,” he added of radicals, “and I think we need to fight against that. That’s why it’s so important we have women, detransitions and every single person across America should be speaking up on these issues.”

London voiced his support for organizers of the Austin-based “Let Women Speak” event after it was crashed by transgender activists who are shown in videos calling attendees “fascists.”

“I think the thing is, they don’t have an argument on why they think they should transition children, so they just scream in people’s faces,” London reacted. “It’s very upsetting to see.”

The internet personality further argued his belief that “children are being indoctrinated” by the gender “industry,” noting how the vulnerable population can sometimes be misdiagnosed by adults around them.

“There are kids that are six times more likely to be autistic, that are being diagnosed with gender dysphoria,” London said. “And these doctors seem to prescribe puberty blockers very willingly without even checking these kids’ mental health, and maybe they’re going through something else.”

He also raised red flags around TikTok and the platform’s accessibility to opinions on gender trends.

“We’ve noticed a massive uptick in children transitioning since TikTok came to the U.S. around 2018,” the internet personality said. “That is one of the driving factors.”

London who identified as a trans woman for six months and later detransitioned, grew to social media fame sharing his extreme plastic surgery operations .

He believes America is “where it’s all happening” and has to change course.

“You have 15-year-olds having double mastectomies. The U.K. has recently banned puberty blockers for under 16. So we’re seeing progress in Europe, Finland and Sweden have changed course,” London pointed out. “But the U.S. really needs to wake up and ban gender-affirming care in every single state.”

He claimed his detransitioning process has been like a “rebirth.”

“I was being reborn as myself, the old me, the one who cared more about helping others and making the world a better place,” he said, “not the vacuous Oli, who was obsessed with looking at his own reflection and morphing into someone he was not.”

Fox News’ Kristine Parks contributed to this report.

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