GOP Governors Pushing for more refugees within their states

February, 18 2020

Why would any governor purposely request Muslim refugees from third world countries within their state, knowing full well the dangers lurking to their constituents and the potential hazard to our national security interests as demonstrated by recent events in Europe.

The most pressing issues that should be of concern to Republican governors, ready to embark on this “fools journey” is the safety of their citizens, regarding the duel issues of assimilation and the real threat of terrorism from Islamic extremists embedded within the refugee population, and the serious lack of credible government infrastructure within those third world countries making accurate vetting near impossible, which in turn puts the lives of every American citizen within those states at risk.

Moreover, if you’re a resident of Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, or West Virginia who voted Republican, you are probably stunned that none of the RINO’s you voted for and won, actually ran on allowing thousands of migrants from third world countries into your state, which is perhaps the biggest betrayal of all.

Considering that President Trump actually rescinded Obama’s 2015 “Refugee Resettlement Program” with his own executive order, allowing each state to either accept or reject dumping un-vetted refugees within their respective states, which makes this issue even more astounding considering those governors have actually decided to use taxpayer funds, along with the states social services without much regard to their constituents.

American Majority founder Ned Ryun appearing on Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show perhaps said it best regarding gutless cowardly Republican’s.

“This is how red states become blue and how America ceases to be America.”

Ryun then began to do a deep dive into who’s actually behind the drive and funding the refugee migration program into the United States, not surprising George Soros money is at play funding such leftist groups as World Relief and the Evangelical Immigration Table lobbying governors to accept refugees.

No doubt, their pitch includes wanting to help these well-meaning governors be “good Christians,” but what they are selling is what has occurred in Europe within recent years, mayhem, chaos and unprecedented terrorist attacks.

“We already have more than 20 million illegal immigrants living here,” Carlson said during his Friday segment on the issue. “The last thing many struggling communities need is more low skilled migrants who may be great people but need a lot. They stress the schools and social programs while not fully integrating. That’s just true and anybody who lives in a community where it has happened will tell you that it is true. As with illegal immigration, the long term agenda of refugee settlement is to bring in future Democratic voters, obviously.”

“Refugee resettlement has nothing to do with Christianity and has everything to do with the immoral behavior of these governments and quite frankly, a perverse incentive for these government-funded charities that are acting as refugee contractors grafting off the American taxpayer,” said Ryun, adding that these contractors are paid “$2,100 per refugee” by the U.S. State Department, “of which they get to keep 45%.”

Astoundingly, even after 3-years of having a successful “populist Republican” leader in the White House, who strives to appeal to ordinary people, the RINO’s within the party, can’t help but play politics, diverting away from common sense and pragmatic solutions, that puts Americans citizens first, by adopting Democratic talking points that endangers the welfare of their constituents.

Leftist journalists for the Washington Monthly, Nancy LeTourneau, seems to be paying attention to those squashy Republicans in an op-ed article titled “Republican Governors Are Rejecting Trump’s Anti-Refugee Agenda.”

She gloats about the Republican governors who have signed on to admitting thousands of refugees within their respective home states.
“What we are witnessing is that a group of Republican governors (many of whom represent very red states) are rejecting Trump’s white nationalist-inspired anti-refugee agenda.”

However, RINO’s abandoning any pretense of living up to their oath of office “to protect and defend” for a more obscure European promise of inclusiveness, that even German Chancellor Angela Merkel now admits was a mistake, stating recently at her parties annual conference that multiculturalism is a “living lie” and that if she could turn back the hands of time on bringing in a million Muslim refugees, she would.

For those voters who happen to live in one of those 18-states, here are the names of those RINO governors, you might wish to contact.

  • Mike DeWine, Ohio
  • Jim Justice, West Virginia
  • Doug Ducey, Arizona
  • Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas
  • Brad Little, Idaho
  • Eric Holcomb, Indiana
  • Kim Reynolds, Iowa
  • Larry Hogan, Maryland
  • Charlie Baker, Massachusetts
  • Mike Parsons, Missouri
  • Pete Ricketts, Nebraska
  • Chris Sununu, New Hampshire
  • Doug Burgum, North Dakota
  • Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma
  • Kristi Noem, South Dakota
  • Bill Lee, Tennessee
  • Gary Herbert, Utah
  • Phil Scott, Vermont