WV Call for “Motion to Vacate the Chair”

S Marshall Wilson
March 2, 2021

A Message From:
S Marshall Wilson / Glengary, West Virginia

Your Republican WV Senate President, Craig Blair, and your Republican WV Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Charles Trump, have gutted HB2003 which would have placed a modicum of statutory limitations on the Emergency powers of your Republican WV Governor, Jim Justice, because they apparently fear Jim Justice rather than their employers or the judgment of their souls according to the oaths they swore to “… support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia…” The simple fact is that these same two grifters were responsible for ensuring that the WV Legislature not call a Special Session in 2020 to consider such legislation or even to simply vote to vacate Justice’s Executive Orders as unconstitutional. The case could be made by any Legislator with the intestinal fortitude to make it, that Justice, Blair, and Trump each be impeached.

Craig Blair, the Senate President, was elected to this position by his fellow Senators; then, he appointed Charles Trump to chair the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee. Because the Senators elected him, the Senators may remove Blair via a “Motion to Vacate the Chair,” and the Senator elected to replace him would have the opportunity to remove and replace Charles Trump in the Judiciary Committee Chair.

The members of the HB2003 Conference Committee are:
    Charles Trump (charles.trump@wvsenate.gov (304) 357-7880), 
    Stephen Baldwin (stephen.baldwin@wvsenate.gov (304) 357-7959)
    Charles Clements (charles.clements@wvsenate.gov (304) 357-7827)

    Amy Summers (amy.summers@wvhouse.gov (304) 340-3220)
    Nathan Brown (nathan.brown@wvhouse.gov (304) 340-3126)
    Jeff Pack (jeffrey.pack@wvhouse.gov (304) 340-3269)

Senate President:
    Craig Blair (craig.blair@wvsenate.gov (304) 357-7801)
We need to encourage our Legislative employees to serve our Constitution and our interests by restoring all of the provisions in HB2003 during the Conference Committee which will meet at 8:00 AM on Friday, April 2 in Room 219M which has no audio capability; so, we will be unable to listen to the proceedings.

We also need to encourage our employees in the Senate to Vacate the Chair – to remove the Senate President and replace him with a Senator who will support the Constitution and secure our Rights.

Meanwhile, I will be working hard to recruit candidates in WV Senate District 15 to replace Senator Trump in 2022 and Senator Blair in 2024. They are my Senators, I campaigned and voted for each of them, and I have repented of my foolishness. Please, join me in rectifying this terrible mistake.

If I fail to find a valid candidate to replace Senator Blair, I will run against him as the IPWV Senate Candidate for District 15.

Senator Blair has his sights set on succeeding Jim Justice as Governor. Based upon his performance in the Legislature, we must ensure his failure in this endeavor.

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