What comes after Trump’s third term?

By Craige McMillan
June 12, 2020

Craige McMillan exhorts conservatives not to ignore local races and voter fraud

Plenty of Trump loyalists are fired up about reelecting Donald Trump for a second term. And that’s really important – because as we all know, he can’t have a third term until he is reelected for a second term.

What Trump knows that most of his supporters don’t know is that even after his second term, a hard-leftist government could still dismantle his America First accomplishments and place our nation back into the managed decline (which would be very steep) that all presidents who came after Reagan have supported (not that they weren’t handsomely rewarded by their globalist puppet masters).

As most of America has noticed since the Wuhan flu, the hard leftists are all too ready, willing and able once elected to conjure up “emergencies” that somehow require extraordinary powers – such as closing private businesses, rolling out lockdowns to keep you in your house, closing schools and churches, and even denying cheap and effective treatment to those infected while still in the early stages of the disease. They even stuffed old-folks homes with COVID patients, knowing the elderly were the most vulnerable to death.

As the pandemic was being exposed by the numbers for what it really was, a nasty flu, the real cure emerged: race riots. Smashed windows and burned businesses didn’t help the small-business owners who had been victimized by lockdowns and closures, but it sure helped the Democratic politicians inject another healthy dose of fear into an already frightened population. It even allowed authoritarian governors in blue states to wiggle out of their draconian emergency orders by portraying Trump as the out-of-control authoritarian, the one threatening to use the military to quell the riots!

While all this may look like the hard left is winning, what we are seeing is their death throes. They will experience an unholy resurrection if – and only if – Trump fails to secure a second term. They have now tasted of the authoritarian nectar they have always sought. Whomever they elect will use it to undo all the good that has been done for middle America.

They can only do this, however, if we fail to grasp their agenda and don’t take appropriate counter moves. Conservatives still believe in the fantasy of electing a new top political leader and having the world put right as a result. Here’s the kind of things we ignore:

  • School board elections. Do you think this local election doesn’t matter? Even if you don’t have kids at home, the schools are the primary virus hothouse the left uses to “transform” America a generation or two out. Talk to some kids of different ages about what they are being taught about sex, history, politicized science, religion and humanity. Just listen. The kids believe this stuff is true. You don’t fix this simply by electing a new top dog or changing a law. You fix it by replacing the leftist activists on your school board, and then erasing their evil accomplishments.
  • Primary elections. This is often times the real deciding election. Even an incompetent Democrat can prevail, unless a pandemic or race riot breaks out during their tenure. Only then do they need to demonstrate competence. Who are we running against them? Don’t we know yet that a Republican who sounds like a Democrat during the general election is going to lose to the Democrat? His or her voter base will simply say, “Well, what’s the difference who wins?”
  • Voter fraud. Judicial Watch has been doing incredible work on this, but it could still all be undone in an almost undetectable way. They know. Democratic voter fraud zaps our vote at every level of the election. It’s as if we don’t exist! Are you happy about that? Then maybe you better start letting your county and state elections officials know just how unhappy you are! They may offer you a tour through the process. Take it! Use that time to explain your concerns.
  • Finally, stop being a fraud. If you’re a mother, understand that the left wants your child to get pregnant out of wedlock, abort her baby so they can sell the body parts for medical research and share the money with Democratic politicians. Yeah, that’s how it works. Taxpayers fund the abortions, but the “product” that is sold funds Democratic campaigns. They are getting filthy rich and staying in power with this. The more they can do to screw up your child’s life at an early age, the more likely they are to create another “forever” Democratic voter. Stop being a polite mother; become a mama bear, one who goes after those who go after your own.

If you’re a Christian, stop being a fake Christian. Fake Christians have forgotten that it is God who created the world and everything in it, including each one of us. If He didn’t want us to be physical beings, people who live in the real world, then why did He create things that way? Why didn’t He just stop with the angels?

“But the devil …” Yeah. Adam and Eve had their “we’ve got this thing” moment, and they passed it onto us. Separation from God is in our DNA, so to speak.

But guess what? Jesus fixed that with His life, death and resurrection. That happened in the real, physical world. The same physical world that Jesus, as God, spoke into existence. The same broken, physical world, filled with angry, broken people, the world that so desperately needs God’s touch today. Being strictly spiritual, while the world and humanity goes to hell, is fake Christianity.

Jesus’ sacrifice enabled God through Grace to actually remove the separation that sin placed between himself and us that day in the garden. Maybe, just maybe, if we love the world the way God does, He will use our unique, dual spiritual and physical status as Christians to assure that His word will not return unto him void, but will accomplish all that He has purposed.

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