May 7 2021
Mark Hartshorn, Marietta

Merriam-Webster defines the word “tyrant” as “an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution,” a “usurper of sovereignty,” “a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally,” and finally, “one resembling an oppressive ruler in the harsh use of authority or power.” All of the those could be used to describe Mike DeWine. He ran in 2018, touting his conservative principles, but his policies have turned out to be anything but conservative. Indeed, he has been the most oppressive governor that Ohio has ever had, at least in recent memory.

It’s been well over a year now since we first heard the term “flatten the curve,” regarding covid-19 infections. First, it was two weeks, then two months, and now here we are, over a year later, still expected to wear masks nearly everywhere and to social distance. DeWine shut down our state in March of 2020, and almost immediately rescheduled our primary election. A judge overruled him and declared that the election should continue. Most of us went to bed that night, fully expecting to vote the next day, as we normally would. However, we awoke to find out that he had his minion, Amy Acton, declare a health emergency, which was just a back door way for DeWine to get his way and postpone the election.

Then, in July 2020, after four months of covid “exposure,” DeWine decided to implement a statewide mask mandate. When not enough people complied, he sent out additional guidance in November 2020 that he would start fining businesses who did not comply. Instantly, hospitals, doctor offices, grocery stores, and many others became the mask police and took it upon themselves to deny service, based upon DeWine’s unconstitutional mandate. Now, I understand that there are many folks who work at those places that are under great stress over the whole thing, and absolutely hate having to say anything to anyone about not wearing a mask when they enter their store or business. I’m sure many small business owners don’t relish the role of mask enforcer, either.

This is insanity, and, like the mask mandate, is unconstitutional. Have we learned nothing from history? Remember the Third Reich forcefully vaccinating the Jews with experimental vaccines?

However, several people, especially those working for major retail chains, and certainly, several of those in healthcare, have embraced this newfound power with much zeal. The new business and patient care model is customers, patients, and individual liberties be damned, wear a mask or we won’t serve you. This is wrong… dead wrong, and they know it. Even if you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you’re refused entry. It’s especially disturbing how the medical establishment has bought into the lie. There is no debate with them, they just won’t see you… again, even if you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing one. You can’t even get routine blood work without wearing the face diaper. Most doctors refuse to even see you, as well, and insist on telemed/telehealth appointments. I guess that oath they took to “do no harm”, no longer applies unless you muzzle yourself and get in line with what the government tells you to do. The kicker is, that nobody can point to the specific law (because there isn’t one) that says you have to wear a mask. The reason most given is “because the governor says we have to” or “it’s our policy.” Well, I’m sorry, but that won’t fly anymore. I’m amazed that nobody has taken legal action for being refused medical care. I guess because that would require a lawyer willing to work the case, and I’m sure those are nowhere to be found.

Now, we hear that DeWine is seriously considering allowing private businesses to implement so-called “vaccine passports”, so that they can deny service to those of us who refuse to get the still-experimental covid-19 shot. I’m sure the hospitals, doctor offices, and schools would be included in that, at some point, as well. This is insanity, and, like the mask mandate, is unconstitutional. Have we learned nothing from history? Remember the Third Reich forcefully vaccinating the Jews with experimental vaccines? How about the 1976 Swine Flu “epidemic” in which, like today, the media and government repeatedly broadcast propaganda to “role up your sleeve” and “do your part”? Look up the 60 Minutes report from 1979 on that, as reported by Mike Wallace. Then, like now, thousands of people took the vaccine, and several had debilitating side effects. Some, such as the lady interviewed in the report, suffered permanent damage. Now, we’re supposed to trust the media and the government, no questions asked? I don’t think so.

DeWine has overstepped his authority, repeatedly, as governor. The state legislature had the chance to impeach him in 2020, but refused. Why the state legislature has failed to stop him is beyond me, and I’m publicly calling them out, right here. Mr. DeWine, Mr. Husted, Mr. Larose, Mr. Yost, and every last state representative and senator, including Mr. Edwards and Mr. Hoagland, hear me loud and clear: We do not serve you, you are there to serve us! The days of us begging you to give us our rights back are over. No longer will we ask you to please let us stop wearing a mask, and we sure as heck aren’t going to ask you for permission to not receive an experimental “vaccine.” We are taking back ours and our children’s rights, and we don’t need your permission. If you won’t stand up for us, we will stand up for ourselves, and we won’t take “no” for an answer. If you continue in your silence, we will take silence as compliance and your tacit endorsement of DeWine’s tactics. Remember though, you will pay a price at the ballot box, because we will hold you accountable. Enough is enough. No matter what you believe about this “pandemic,” individual liberties given to us by the U.S. Constitution and by God, Himself, cannot be taken away. Ever. We will fight back, and we will win. We do not serve government, and refuse to be treated as sheep. Elected officials and those of you who enforce these unconstitutional mandates, you have been officially put on notice. We are taking our rights back, and we do not need to, nor will we ever again ask for your permission.

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