Simple Truths for Complicated Times – Part V

May 21, 2022
MOVCAC Contributor
Sean P. Keefe

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been working to perfect its Colour Revolutionary activities since it began working with social scientist Gene Sharp in 1989.  The Colour Revolution may look slightly different each time it is applied.  However, it most certainly always includes the whipping up of the ruled population against the government in power.  For those of you waving your Ukrainian flags in 2022, please research the 2014 Colour Revolution instituted in Ukraine by George Soros and his globalist cronies (Ukraine: The Mess that Victoria Nuland Made).

From the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States, operatives worked round the clock to remove him from power.  When they determined they could not remove him, they did everything in their power to distract his administration with fake scandals and investigations.  Coming through those unscathed, their last chance to depose him came with a fake pandemic and government sanctioned, unprecedented and unprosecuted civil unrest over the death of a fentanyl addict.

With the chaos of the spring and summer of 2020 still fresh in the minds of the American citizenry, the Democrat party went about changing the rules for the 2020 election.  Millions of unrequested mail-in ballots were distributed in the all-important swing states.  Mark Zuckerberg spent over $400 million dollars to distribute unattended and unsecure drop boxes throughout democrat precincts.  There are many avenues of investigation that would drag a good law enforcement officer to the proof so many of our political class and media class have been saying they wish to see.

Unfortunately, it took average American citizens to uncover the crime of the century.  On Saturday night, May 7th, MOVCAC hosted a screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules.”  The same geo-locating data that was used to find and arrest attendees to the January 6th rally was used by the investigators in “2000 Mules.”  Why is this data not being investigated by the FBI?  What other explanation could exist for the same people visiting drop boxes (in the wee hours of the morning) on the average of 20 times and then visiting known NGO (non-governmental organizations) offices.  These are ballot traffickers.  Where are our legislators and attorneys general?  Where are those that were elected to protect our rights?  Absent, negligent and unworthy of the offices they hold.

The unfortunate consequence of coulor revolutions is that the installed government has no tie or sense of obligation to the citizenry they’ve been installed to rule over us.  In fact, they were installed precisely because that citizenry had been found to be in need of ruling – to be reminded of where they stand in the pecking order. 

The 2020 election was stolen.  On his first day on the job, Resident Biden increased the price of insulin and energy (by way of killing the Keystone Pipeline).  He encouraged mask mandates and put us on the road to vaccine mandates.  RINOs and Democrats want to put the 2020 election behind us.  I submit to you that all we are experiencing – Afghanistan withdrawal, masking children in school, requiring workers to participate in a medical experiment, rising gas prices, shrinking store shelves, rising inflation, a devalued dollar, and possible war with Russia are all fruits from the poisonous tree.  None will be fixed until we correct the fraudulent 2020 election.

Masks and Vaccines

I am old enough to remember watching President Trump hold his daily Covid briefings in the Whitehouse in the spring of 2020.  At the time, most laypeople, having little understanding of the virus and its potential impact on the world’s population, watched intently to better understand how we as citizens should react to this new and dangerous pandemic.  It was clear from the outset that this new disease produced very bad outcomes for those with complicating comorbidities.  We knew that the elderly and obese were particularly vulnerable.  We also knew that the disease posed little threat to healthy adults and children alike. 

The first overt clue that we were experiencing a scamdemic occurred in late spring 2020 when the media called protests against lockdown and masking policies super-spreader events, while they called imaginary systemic racism a greater public health crisis than Covid.  It became clear to anyone paying attention that this plandemic had little to do with health and everything to do with control.

As we reported in November 2021 (West Virginia Ranks 47th in Cumulative COVID Cases and 50th in Cumulative COVID Deaths), growth in total covid cases and covid deaths were unaffected by either mask or vaccine mandates.  Total Covid deaths reported to the CDC through December 31, 2020 were 361,217.  As of December 31, 2021, total deaths reported to the CDC were 825,201 (CDC Covid Tracker). 

We masked up all of our children on planes and in schools.  We either created mandates (masks for all and experimental shots for adults), or incentivized the participation of children and adults in these mRNA experimental shot programs.  As many times as we have heard “follow the science,” I am not sure that those put in charge by the traitors who have perpetrated this colour revolution have any idea what the word ‘science’ means.

Science is an evidence-based endeavor.  As the National Pulse reported on May 16, 2022, a study of 602 million Europeans shows a “’moderate positive correlation’ between the use of masks and COVID-19 deaths.”  That means that the Covid deaths were moderately higher in those countries where masks were more prevalent.  In addition, the NIH website contains an article from Dr. Russell L. Blaylock who details the lies, suppression of early treatments, dangers of the vaccines and hospital protocols, and pharmaceutical conflicts of interest associated with the Covid “pandemic” in an article published by Surgical Neurology International; COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?

Likewise, we can look at the actual experiences of American citizens through the data the CDC provides to the public.  Let’s apply the scientific method to these data and evaluate the effectiveness of the policies we’ve been forced to endure. 

Wikipedia defines the Scientific Method process as follows:

The overall process involves making conjectures (hypotheses), deriving predictions from them as logical consequences, and then carrying out experiments based on those predictions to determine whether the original conjecture was correct.[4] There are difficulties in a formulaic statement of method, however. Though the scientific method is often presented as a fixed sequence of steps, these actions are better considered as general principles.[8] Not all steps take place in every scientific inquiry (nor to the same degree), and they are not always done in the same order. As noted by scientist and philosopher William Whewell (1794–1866), “invention, sagacity, [and] genius”[9] are required at every step.

One would assume that the hypothesis for the covid policies was to reduce illness and death.  In this case, we have no experiments.  We bypassed that step and went straight to policy application.  The good news here is that we have a great deal of publicly available data reported to the CDC to compare against what we will call the control year of 2020.  This is our control year because there were no vaccines available to the public until December of 2020 and masks only became more ubiquitous throughout 2021.  Using the scientific method, we can compare 2020 to 2021 to see if our mitigation strategies (masking and vaccines) actually had an impact on the spread of the illness or on the number of American citizens dying of the disease.

Using the data provided by the CDC Covid Tracker website, we find the following:

Total Cumulative cases    Total Cumulative Deaths

December 31, 2020                         20,135,199                            361,217

December 31, 2021                         54,901,246                            825,201

2020 to 2021 Total Increase                    34,766,047                            463,984

In 2020, there were no experimental mRNA shots available, many places were locked down for extended periods, and masks were encouraged but not mandated for most of the year.  In 2021, three “vaccines” were released to the public and eventually mandated for many people. Masks were mandated for use in indoor and outdoor settings and for most children in school.  These mitigation steps were implemented to reduce the adverse effects of the Covid-19 disease.  With these mitigation steps in place the incidence of illness increased by 173% and the incidence of death increased by 128%.  In what other profession would a process that increased failure be promoted and mandated?

Can you imagine the airline industry or bridge-building industry creating a brand-new experimental process that increased plane crashes or bridge failure at either a 173% or 128% rate?

The Simple Truth – Masks and “vaccines” did nothing to reduce illness or death from Covid.  It is clear that this scamdemic was released on the American people and the world in order to usher in a new age of control.  Fear has been used to cancel the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution. 

Hospital Protocols

How can I call this a scamdemic?  Aren’t people really dying?  Yes, people really are dying, but are they dying because of nature or are they victims of democide?  As we reported in January (DOD Documents: Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine – Curative), Project Veritas uncovered Department of Defense documents showing that Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and Interferon were curative for Covid.  President Trump touted HCQ as an early treatment for Covid in one of his briefings.  The push against these early treatments included state pharmaceutical boards disallowing off-label usage for these proven treatments, and animal supply stores removing topical Ivermectin from their shelves.

Name one other illness where you are sent home from the emergency room with instructions to come back when it gets worse?  This scamdemic began in March of 2020 and two years later there remains no early treatment protocols.  Unless you wish to include the new oral drugs that have recently received Emergency Use Authorization.  Those are newly patented and very profitable to the drug companies.

There is definitely a disease going around.  One might argue that the PCR test cannot tell the difference from Covid and the flu.  The CDC itself admits that the PCR test cannot tell the difference (CDC – Division of Laboratory Systems – 7/21/2021 Lab Alert).  If the PCR test couldn’t tell the difference between Covid and the flu, how do we know if many, if not most, of these cases were not the flu? 

In fact, if you look at the CDCs own data, they show that flu cases were extraordinarily low for the 2020-2021 flu season.

Excerpt from the CDCs 2020-2021 Flu Season Summary:

What was the 2020-2021 flu season like?

Flu activity was unusually low throughout the 2020-2021 flu season both in the United States and globally, despite high levels of testing. During September 28, 2020–May 22, 2021 in the United States, 1,675 (0.2%) of 818,939 respiratory specimens tested by U.S. clinical laboratories were positive for an influenza virus. The low level of flu activity during this past season contributed to dramatically fewer flu illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths compared with previous flu seasons. For comparison, during the last three seasons before the pandemic, the proportion of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza peaked between 26.2% and 30.3%. In terms of hospitalizations, the cumulative rate of laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations in the 2020-2021 season was the lowest recorded since this type of data collection began in 2005. For pediatric deaths, CDC received one report of a pediatric flu death in a child during the 2020–2021 flu season. Since flu deaths in children became nationally notifiable in 2004, reported flu deaths in children had previously ranged from a low of 37 (during 2011-2012) to a high of 199 (during 2019-2020).

What are possible explanations for the unusually low flu activity?

COVID-19 mitigation measures such as wearing face masks, staying home, hand washing, school closures, reduced travel, increased ventilation of indoor spaces, and physical distancing, likely contributed to the decline in 2020-2021 flu incidence, hospitalizations and deaths. Influenza vaccination may also contributed to reduced flu illness during the 2020–2021 season. Flu vaccine effectiveness estimates for 2020-2021 are not available, but a record number of influenza vaccine doses (193.8 million doses) were distributed in the U.S. during 2020-2021.

The interesting part of this excerpt is where they claim that mitigation measures (wearing masks, staying home, hand washing, etc.) reduced the flu cases.  If that is the case, why didn’t these mitigation measures have a positive impact on Covid cases and deaths?  Why haven’t we been wearing masks for the last fifty flu seasons?  Why are masks effective against one virus (flu) and not effective against another virus (Covid)?  Their reasoning is illogical and doesn’t pass the sniff-test let alone a real scientific test.

Then we have the treatment protocols that have been mandated at hospitals.  First, they send you home to get sicker.  Once sicker, they admit you to a Covid floor where you are prohibited from having visitors.  Next, they give you a drug like Remdesivir, get you on a ventilator, and then you die.  Usually, right around 21 days after admission.  We have covered these hospital protocols extensively and provide the videos below as testimony to the ineffectiveness and cruelty families and patients have endured at the hands of our medical community.

MOVCAC Mark Hartshorn Interview

MOVCAC Joyce Creel Interview

The Board Family

The Simple Truth – Every tenet of the Hippocratic Oath has been under assault during this scamdemic.  Early treatment protocols were ignored in order to inflate the fear of the sickness.  Once in the hospital, patients were treated like prisoners and made sicker.  Do no harm, indeed!

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