Ohio’s Pro-LGBT Rainbow Symbol on these specialty license plates

Brought to you by Ohio’s Republican Attorney General Dave Yost, Republican State Rep Dave Greenspan & the Ohio Education Assn:

We all oppose bullying, but did they really need a pro-LGBT rainbow symbol on these specialty license plates? This has very little to do with bulling and everything to do with Weak Politicians and Political Correctness gone a muck.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost unveiled the new ‘Stop Bullying’ license plate on Tuesday. The plate was designed by an 11-year-old Cleveland-area girl named Brooke Balser.

Yost says 5th grader Balser’s design and slogan were selected for Ohio’s new Stop Bullying license plate. Balser is a student at Independence Middle School in Independence.

“Bullies gain power when the people around them look the other way, stay silent or ignore the problem,” Yost said. “Each time we see Brooke’s colorful ‘Bully-Free Car’ design on an Ohio license plate, we’ll be reminded to treat others with respect and to stand up against bullying behaviors.”

Yost and the Ohio Education Association (OEA) announced a contest at the start of May to select the license plate design. Ohio’s schoolchildren enrolled in kindergarten through fifth grade during the recently concluded school year were invited to send in entries.

In total, 171 entries were received. An OEA committee judged the submissions on creativity, reflection of the “stop bullying” theme, and originality of design.

“State Rep. Dave Greenspan (R-Westlake) was a primary sponsor of legislation introduced in 2018 to create the “Stop Bullying” plates. A measure implementing that idea became law in March 2019,” Yost said in a press release.

Drivers will soon be able to buy the plate for their vehicles, according to Yost.

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