Ohio Covid Cases Estimate has NO Factual Basis

by: Tom Zawistowski 3/14/20
Source: We the People Convention

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Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton admitted last night on Tucker Carlson’s national TV show that her “projection” of Ohio having 100,000 Coronavirus cases RIGHT NOW was based on literally NO Evidence. Dr. Acton told Tucker Carlson, “So we know that we don’t know the exact number of Ohioans because we haven’t been able to test and we don’t yet have the exact models that will tell us.”

She then went on to say that, “I think there was some confusion in my remarks, and partly because I am tired, but what we did know is that we assumed community spread already because we weren’t able to test.”

She continued by saying, “We looked at the modeling and, sure enough, the second we started testing, we had cases, instantly our first community acquire, which is really the trigger, when you have those cases that aren’t linked to another case or travel, and now within the end of the week we’re at, you know, we had 13 this afternoon, we expect many more this evening, and the persons under investigation are a couple hundred.”

As of yesterday (3/13/20) the number of Covid-19 cases WORLDWIDE was 132,758 with only 80,991 outside of China, yet Dr. Acton wants Ohioans to believe that Ohio has 100,000 ITSELF! How can that be possible? It isn’t! She just made it up, and it’s no excuse that she “is tired!” Her reckless statement is unnecessarily scaring the hell out of Ohio Citizens. Now, thanks to the media, including Tucker Carlson whom we think has done a good job on this issue, but should have challenged Dr. Acton last night based on her lack of facts, and Governor DeWine’s actions, the WHOLE NATION is now acting as if it is a FACT that there are 100,000 cases in Ohio! It’s NOT!

Worst of all, this kind of un-proven “modeling” has influenced Governor DeWine and others to take actions that are simply NOT APPROPRIATE based on how little they know. Now this bad information is being spead like a “misinformation virus” and is causing more panic and more outrageous claims by other scientists and commentators all over the media. It is becoming a feedback loop that gets more and more inaccurate after each cycle. This simply is fearmongering and Dr. Acton needs to be replaced because clearly she is NOT qualified to be in this important position.

The Ohio Star ran a story after Governor DeWine closed all Ohio Schools and banned meetings of any group larger than 100 people, with some exceptions, Thursday that said the Governor’s decision “Was Based on a ‘Guesstimate’”. They were correct. Yet, other Ohio or National Media are not pushing these scientists to provide actual evidence to back up their claims and that IS the problem. What we all need right now is a healthy dose of skepticism.

As I said in my podcast today, the problem we have is that the “elites” in our nation and the world today are not very smart. In fact they are wrong much too often – particularly on the big issues. Whether they are mis-predicting a hurricane’s direction or damage, scaring the world about all the terrible things that were going to happen with Y-2K at the turn of the century, or presenting “scientific polls” predicting that Donald Trump has no chance of beating Hillary Clinton, there is plenty of reason not to believe what you are being told – or sold!

The U.S. has, as of today, 2,628 cases of the Wuhan Virus and 50 deaths. The first case in the US was reported in Washington State on January 15, 2020. Compare that to the 67 MILLION cases of Swine Flu in the U.S. that resulted in over 10,000 deaths in 2010 – but did not cause a lock down of our economy or our lives. Now, the problem is that without testing, it is highly likely that there are thousands more cases in the US than the 2,628. As many as Dr. Acton claim? Highly unlikely because the whole world has only identified only 132,758 cases and they did not take the steps that President Donald Trump took to ban travel from affected areas. Hopefully we will know a lot more this coming week when we really start to test everyone suspected of having the virus. We will see this week how accurate Dr. Acton’s “Guesstimate” really was – or wasn’t.

Let’s not forget that we don’t really know the danger right now, because the same people the media wants us to look to for answers, like the CDC and Dr. Acton, are the people who screwed this up from the start. Don’t just believe me, watch this clip from Tucker Carlson last night.

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