Oct 31 MOVCAC Week in Review

October 31, 2021
Events and News in OH and WV

MOVCAC Meeting October 25, 2021

Approximately 190 people attended this meeting. The speaker was Mitchell Marczewski, an attorney from Zanesville, Ohio, who spoke on the subject “Claiming Your Exemption from Vaccination.” Handouts available at the meeting can be found and printed from the MOVCAC website. After the presentation, many had questions for the speaker.

Marczewski said that companies don’t respect the law; thus, we must assert our rights. Make them uncomfortable and don’t give up. Appeal everything. Keep records of everything.  Fill out your exemption forms and mail them regular and certified mail to those in charge. Watch for retaliation from management. “It’s called a lawsuit.”  Under the law, you could be eligible for reinstatement, back pay, and punitive damages.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may be of help. You can apply online.

“You are guaranteed to lose if you don’t fight.”

“You don’t have freedom unless you have medical freedom.”

If an exemption is granted, then recalled, it is a good lawsuit. Write a letter certified and notify verbally, then follow up with another letter. “This is retaliation.”

Other actions in this meeting  included

  • Postcards were distributed to be mailed to Senator Joe Manchin asking him to change his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.
  • Sean Keefe reported on a recent voter canvassing. Irregularities were found.
  • A fellow Patriot passed away Sunday, October 25. Karl A.A. Reuther and his wife, Dr. Gale, were  huge supporters of MOVCAC. Karl will be greatly missed. His funeral and calling hours will be next weekend.

Wood County WV Commissioners Meeting October 25, 2021

Blair Couch reported that Wood County Commission has also been named in the lawsuit, along with Sheriff Stephens, for sexual harassment by two sheriff’s deputies. The complaints were made by Deputy Matheny, who left the department in July, and Deputy Tasha Hewitt. Couch explained that the reason Wood County Commission was mentioned was because they hold the purse strings for the county and they have a $15,000 deductible. The sheriff doesn’t have a fund set up for lawsuits.

Couch mentioned that by state code commissioners can’t tell another elected official how to run their office. He stated he would need to meet with Pat (Wood County Prosecuting Attorney) in executive session based on state code 6-9a-4. Pat agreed that they could do that.

Brett Dunlap, Parkersburg News reporter, objected to the afore-mentioned executive session.

Charles Roberts mentioned that he had a problem with the fact that originally 27 sheriff’s deputies gave a vote of no-confidence two weeks ago, then the commissioners gave Sheriff Stephens a vote of confidence. So why is this happening this way? Couch thanked Roberts for his statement and question. Roberts asked Couch if he had held a waterworks merger meeting yet, and he stated he had conversed with the state public service commission via email without a public meeting being scheduled yet.

Couch stated he thought Tasha Hewitt was a member of the MOVCAC. Roberts informed him that she was not.

Next Meeting

Location: THE ROCK CHURCH, 1305 37th Street, Parkersburg, WV
Time: 7:00 PM

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