Hampshire County, WV

Thursday Morning November 4th, 2021
Hampshire County resident, Micah Moreland, recorded his interaction with law enforcement in the parking lot of Hampshire High School.  

Mr. Moreland’s son, Jonathan, a junior at Hampshire High School, is a member of the Hampshire HS football team.  The team had an exposure to COVID last week, and Jonathan stayed home from school through Tuesday, November 2nd.  The school wanted Jonathan to quarantine longer or undergo a test.  Feeling the test was intrusive and having had no chance to determine how close of a contact Jonathan experienced (emails to the school nurse and superintendent from Mrs. Moreland requesting additional info on the close contact garnered no response), and having suffered no symptoms, Jonathan went to school Wednesday, November 3rd in order to ensure he could play in his final football game of the year.  Discussions ensued between Mr. Moreland and the principal.  When that failed to resolve the issue, the superintendent of Hampshire County Schools intervened.  

Mr. Moreland was told by the superintendent that his son would be quarantined in a room at school and would be given his school work.  He was also told that if Jonathan disobeyed, he would be suspended from school.  

Today, Jonathan went to school and attended class.  He was asked to go to the principal’s office.  Once there, Jonathan was placed in an adjacent conference room and a deputy sheriff was placed outside the door.  Jonathan called his father and reported the situation.  When Mr. Moreland learned that his son was being held against his will with an armed officer outside the door, he called 911.

The officer that had been outside the door where Jonathan was being held then came outside to discuss the situation with Mr. Moreland.  That video is below.

Mr. Moreland did not end up going inside to discuss the situation but noted in the video that he had already had discussions with both the principal and the superintendent and that he just wanted his son to be allowed to attend class.

A decision was made by the school to allow Jonathan to return to class as long as he is socially distanced.  This was a unilateral decision made by the school.  Schools using intimidation to enforce arbitrary and capricious rules based on zero legislation or documentable guidelines must be called out.

Moral of Today’s Events:

Stand your ground and fight for your God-given rights!  Great Job by the Moreland family today!  Fighting to bring FREEDOM back to West Virginia and the Nation.