Oct 13 MOVCAC Week in Review

October 10, 2021
Events and News in OH and WV

10 AM to 5 PM with a lunch break,
Bring a sack lunch, drinks will be provided

Topics – Reversing Gene Modification
Dietary Suggestions

TIME: 12:30 to 5 PM

TIME: 7:00 PM

MOVCAC Meeting October 11, 2021

Newman encouraged everyone to call West Virginia Governor Jim Justice and insist on stopping the mandated masks, vaccines – “Medical Freedom” 304-558-2000

School Board Candidate | Click for Video Interview |

John Lehman, candidate for Marietta City Board of Education. Lehman said that Marietta had solid schools in the sixties and seventies but now are receiving D’s and F’s on state scorecards for the past thirty years. “There is no striving for excellence,” said Lehman. “Marietta is the worst school in the area.” Lehman brought signs for distribution.

Ohio Representative Jay Edwards | Click for Video Interview |

Jay Edwards, southeast Ohio representative in Columbus, said he is getting hundreds of calls – for example, nurses who are thousands of dollars in debt for their education – are asking, “What do I do?” They are being forced to take the vaccine. Edwards said he is pro-freedom.

He spoke about the bills – 248 introduced by Jennifer Gross was an excellent bill which would have halted employee and customer mandates, honored exemptions, and held businesses liable for bad reactions to the mandated shots. “We must keep fighting for freedom, hold the line.”

435 is a watered-down version of 248. It would permit discrimination by not allowing you to go to your kids’ games or travel on an airplane without the vaccination. “Leadership is the problem,” according to Edwards. “They even punished Jennifer Gross by removing her from the healthcare committee.”

Speaker of the OH House Bob Cupp received a quarter of a million in donations mostly from medical and pharmaceutical organizations to encourage him to stop 248.

Christian Revolution.net

Coach Daubenmire, Sherry Tenpenny, and Ohio Brett have organized to file suits against the mandates. They raised $410,000 the first month of existence.

A nurse reported that her employer told them if vaccines aren’t mandated, Biden will hold their medicare and medicade reimbursements.

A Zanesville attorney held a meeting at Bryan’s Place in Zanesville last Friday at which he passed out handouts of the process for filing for exemptions. Sheila has the forms. This attorney will hold a repeat of this meeting at the next MOVCAC meeting on October 25 at 7 pm at Freedom Gate Church.
Wil Spencer – Medical Forum

Wil Spencer – Naturopath | Click for Video Interview |

October 16 from 10 am to 5 pm Wil Spencer, naturopath, will be at Freedom Gate Church for a Medical Forum. Bring a sack lunch for the lunch break. After the forum, he will conduct appointments with individuals who are seeking help with specific problems. The appointments will continue the next morning at a different location.

Wil has been assisting with getting patients out of hospitals where they are getting destructive treatment. Mindy is creating a resource guide to use. Patient advocates are necessary for safe treatment. Medical power of attorneys are needed.

Several stories about the poor and destructive treatment that is being provided by local hospitals were related by attendees– stories of deaths and the use of remdesivir which harms their organs, especially the kidneys.

Deborah DeGroff – A Peek Between the Covers

Deborah DeGroff, a professional witness, and researcher will hold a seminar on October 23 from 12:30 to 3:00 pm at Freedom Gate Church. She will show you what is in your child’s school library. Under the Cares Act, 55,000 books are placed in state school libraries. Most are electronic. Many teachers have no concept of how bad some of these are. Debbie said, “Young minds are being directed to pornography.”

According to Ohio and West Virginia law, board of education members cannot be sued for providing porn to children.

Preparedness Workshop

A workshop on preparedness is in the planning stages for the future. Suggestions for inclusion are First Aid, Freezing, Drying, Canning, Weapons Training, Self Defense, Communication, etc.

Barbara Deem from the Voter Integrity Group spoke about the process of getting rid of electronic balloting.

Working Committees

Members are sought for each of the working committees—Education, State Government, Legal/FOIA, and Media/Communication. The leaders of each committee were asked to stand, and attendees were encouraged to contact them to get involved in the group of their choice.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30. Glenn Newman encouraged all to watch the Freedom and Light podcast, which can be found on the MOVCAC website.

Parkersburg WV City Council Meeting – October 12, 2021

Public Forum

Charles Roberts | Click to Watch Video | spoke about Point Park Marketplace. He suggested that the facility might be better used as a location for the Convention and Visitors Bureau or the Veteran’s Museum instead of an expanded location for the Mid Ohio Valley Health Department or storing supplies from the Wood County Commissioners office.

Charles also mentioned the two million dollars in overages from fiscal year June 2020 to July 2021. He suggested that the city stop inflating their annual budgets and operate on a break even point each year.

Sean Keefe | Click to Watch Video | brought up the fact that many people have had adverse effects from taking the shots. He gave examples of young people who died after taking the shot. He also read the Nuremburg code which states that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential—meaning that all persons must have the legal capacity to give consent to medical procedures without any element of fraud, duress, or deceit.

The CDC has stated that vaccinated people can transmit the virus, and the vaccinated carry a high viral load the same as the unvaccinated. (Microsoft News, Emily Copp, July 3, 2021)

According to VAERS report, total vaccine deaths in 2021 were 7,652 in U.S. and U.S. territories, and for ages 13-24, as of October 8, 2021, was 77. J. R. Carpenter offered to give Sean extra time to speak, but City Councilman Mike Reynolds voted no to the additional two minutes.

Marie Krinock | Click to Watch Video | addressed the American Rescue Plan money for which seven million dollars is appropriated and wanted to know why there was not a public discussion about this. She stated that Zack told her there was to be a town hall meeting in November. She wants that town hall discussion to be about all of the money, not just the nonprofit. She asked, “What is the total price going to be on the Water Project?” She also inquired about whether this project is solely for Parkersburg or is it going to be part of County Commissions. She stated that the mayor had called her a despicable human being for her insisting on a public discussion on issues such as this.

Krinock suggested that some of the two million dollar overage could be used to bring in independent council to interview police officers to see what problems they are having internally and externally that is causing them to leave their jobs.

Wendy Tuck stated that Woody Miller, who chaired the Parkersburg Homecoming, had died of covid this past week.

Sharon Kuhl made a motion to accept the budget revisions of the two million dollars. Tuck stated that she wants Eric Jiles, Finance Director, to examine the proposed revisions of anything over $100,000. Jiles reported there was $135,000 for Police training, $179,125 to replace police department tasers. Development board proposed contribution of $160,343 toward the Ohio River Trail Project, $125,000 toward the continuation of the floodwall joint sealant that is currently underway, $175,000 toward the Beechwood retention project because of an updated bid, increasing the bid to $375,000, $170,000 toward the control panels for the south elevator in addition to $370,000 currently budgeted for the north elevator, $673,617 toward a reserve for replacement of the Southwood Pool and Bleachers. He made note the user fee fund is $257,987 toward fiscal 2022 street paving and rehabilitation.

Councilman J. R. Carpenter questioned why the appropriation from the two million dollars went to finance committee where there are only five city council members. He believes this needs to go to the committee as a whole where all city council members from nine districts would have a vote.

He also questioned the use of a force simulator. Chief Martin said it is hardware and software that works with officers on de-escalation of volatile situations. The training helps the officers navigate through different scenarios. He said that there is no additional cost from year to year; each year new scenarios are provided for training.

J. R. Carpenter stated he would like to see pictures of this product and said this all needed to go before the committee as a whole for all city council members to vote on. Chief Martin replied, “You can google it.”

Mayor Tommy Joyce said he had seen it in action and it is great.

Sharon Khul asked, “this is a one-time expenditure—is that correct?” Chief Martin stated, “there may be some additional costs like CO2 cartridges for weapons.

Eric Jiles | Click to Watch Video | stated that the city is running at a deficit, that it had spent a million dollars more than was brought in. “The CARES ACT money is giving us an overage.”

J. R. Carpenter spoke about the need for a pick-up truck for the fire department. Jason, fire chief, stated, “It would be good to take back hoses and stuff.”

Guide to Fighting Employer Vax Mandates

by Jeff Childers, Coffee & Covid, October 11, 2021

Vax Mandate Guide by Tom Zawistowski is licensed under N/A N/A

COVID ULTIMATUM GUIDE – A comprehensive guide for folks facing imminent “vaccinate or terminate” employment policies.

Editors Note: This is the best advice I have seen for anyone facing employer-mandated forced vaccination. I only posted the introduction here. You will have to click the link at the bottom to read the entire document which gives very good advice – the most important of which is DO NOT QUIT! Share this!

It’s the second Monday in October and it feels like another dam is breaking. Southwest pilots and FAA traffic controllers walked off the job this weekend, protesting injection mandates and creating aerial chaos with literally thousands of flights canceled. Will Biden fire them all like Reagan did in the 80’s?
Even though there’s more news today than lies in a CDC press conference, a lot of folks are facing imminent injection ultimatum deadlines. Should they resign? Take the jabs? Try to sue? What to do? Today I’m offering suggestions to all those folks who are facing reprehensible employment policies that treat them like cattle. Send to everyone who needs to see this.

The first thing you need to do is buck up. This is a spiritual war, and you need to be in top mental form to fight. They overwhelmed us; we lawyers are working on it night and day but there just aren’t enough of us to get in front of enough courts in the short amount of time before termination deadlines kick in. So get yourself ready to fight for yourself for now, if you have to:
 “Better to fight for something than live for nothing.”
— Gen. George S. Patton.

“We, too, born to freedom, and believing in freedom, are willing to fight to maintain freedom. We, and all others who believe as deeply as we do, would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.”
— Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Look, this is an awful situation. But don’t feel hopeless or powerless. You have the high ground, morally and legally. Just because they are doing a bunch of lawless stuff, fast, doesn’t mean there won’t eventually be justice. Why do I say that? Not only is what they’re doing patently unconstitutional, but they are dumb, deluded, and desperate. Desperate because they are doing all this in such a hurry to stay away from the courts. And when you do things in a hurry, you make mistakes. They are going to make a LOT of mistakes.

What your employer is doing is also wicked. The Bible has a lot to suggest about what happens to people who plot wicked schemes against you:

“May ruin befall them by surprise; may the net they hid ensnare them; may they fall into the hazard they created.” 
— Psalm 35:8

“He has dug a hole and hollowed it out; he has fallen into a pit of his own making.” 
— Psalm 7:15.

“They spread a net for my feet; my soul was despondent. They dug a pit before me, but they themselves have fallen into it! Selah.” 
— Psalm 57:6.

“Let the wicked fall into their own nets, but let me escape.” 
— Psalm 141:10.

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