NSA spying: it didn’t start with 9/11

The NSA, an enormous agency created to collect and analyze intelligence on foreign threats, failed to stop 9/11 and now spies on Americans. Has it outlived its usefulness?


This article was in a recent New American magazine and it contains information that should be more out in the open. The amount of money these government offices and people spend in order to maintain their lifestyle is unbelievable.


Citizens of the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” during the self-advertised “most transparent administration in American history,” have learned from a lawbreaker now in exile of the activities of a secret government agency, operating out of a U.S. Army base in Maryland, that collects and stores billions of phone call records and e-mail messages each and every day. The lawbreaker, a fugitive from justice named Edward Snowden, is living in temporary asylum in Russia, home of America’s ersatz Cold War enemy, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The U.S. agency and the program conducted at Fort Meade, Maryland, is arguably a Cold War relic that leaves open the question: In the war between freedom and totalitarianism, which side is Washington really on? READ THE ENTIRE STORY

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