MOVCAC Week in Review – June 17, 2022

MOVCAC Meeting June 13, 2022

The Home School Team will be offering information about their trip to Cincinnati in the coming months. In the interim period, if you have questions about home school, please contact MOVCAC, and they will put you in touch with the Education team members.

The Injection well meeting held June 2 was attended by several MOVCAC members along with interested residents from the township of the new well. Mark Bruce and two other employees were sent by Ohio DNR, Division of Oil and Gas Resources, Columbus, to conduct the meeting. Their office phone is 614/265-6922. and email

The proposed well is a Class 2 injection well. Two videos were shown at the meeting. The first was a generic discussion about the proper workings of an injection well. The second was about the actual proposed new well site. These videos can be found on YouTube. After the videos, the floor was opened for comments or questions. About 35 people commented. There was no dialogue between DNR and attendants. No questions were answered. They are supposed to be answered on line at a later date. Only two public officials commented. The three Washington County commissions attended but did not comment. The mayor of Belpre and a township trustee commented. No state senators or state representatives were present. No one present commented in favor of permitting another injection well in Washington County. We were told that HB278 removed local control from elected officials in regulating these wells.

June is “Pride” Month. Last weekend Parkersburg City Park was the site for drag queens strutting their stuff celebrating Gay Pride Month. One drag queen was from Parkersburg; the others were bussed in from other areas. Parents brought their children to the event. The group set up tents and distributed literature while other members performed on stage.

Other children were playing in the park near the event.. In our opinion, exposing children to this type of abnormal behavior is a form of child abuse. Four members from MOVCAC including a street preacher provided pushback to the event. No other churches were represented. Sponsors, which included many local businesses, were listed. A FOIA request will be made for a full disclosure.

Ohio Governor DeWine has signed HB99, which cuts down training hours to carry a firearm, from 600 to 24 hours. Teachers can now take advantage of this shorter training period. The NRA is planning a pushback on the red flag laws that have popped up on the federal level. U.S. Senator Portman is in agreement with the red flag effort.

A Preparedness Meeting will be held June 23 at Freedom Gate Church 6 to 8 PM.  Factory food businesses are continuing to be wiped out by fire and other means. There are three wellness newsletters now available on the MOVCAC site. for additional information.

Voter Integrity – We must fix November 3, 2020. A Voter Canvas is planned for July.

Volunteers needed – Security, audio and video, intercessory prayer, greeters and hosts.

 MOVCAC picnic – July 30 at Williamstown Park

The Declaration of Independence was read.

Parkersburg City Council meetings – come pray before the meeting.

Those who attended the recent leadership meeting made decisions regarding streaming. Items that are needed are a video projector, portable screen, portable sound mixer, portable quality sound system, and video camera. We were recently able to buy a hospital-grade oxygen concentrator and funds will be needed for the streaming equipment.