If Vax Is So Safe, Where’s The Accountability?

Sam Ludtman
January 25
Letter to the Editor Marietta Times

I just have an observation on this allegedly safe, genetically modified COVID-vaccine that everybody seems to believe in; because we know governments always have our best interests in mind…

If vaccines are so completely safe, why then did the positive, if not innocuous sounding National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 give vaccine makers a total and complete ‘free pass’ when it comes to ramifications from injury caused by vaccines?

Instead of helping and protecting children, this 1986 act actually gave vaccine makers and researchers carte blanche to do as they please to make, test, market and sell vaccines with no recourse by those who are damaged by their products, meaning no additional research into efficacy, safety, or legal proceeding can come against these multi-billion dollar companies who use humans as guinea pigs.

No other business in the world can do that.

I can’t even sell a cupcake to the public without the government breathing down my neck, but these mega-corporations, who receive government money (your money), can make claims and inject an unsuspecting public with God-knows-what. Yes, we, the people who are told to get vaccinated all of the time, aren’t even allowed to know the full ingredient list of these jabs, because, you know, it’s a trade secret.

While VAERS, or the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which is supposed to record damage and possible side-effects of people who have been injected with various and a multitude of vaccines, alongside the so-called “vaccine-court” (funded by tax dollars and some from drug-makers) which pays out measly sums for damage done to people who have received jabs, this tiny construct is laughed at like it’s a conspiracy theorists wet dream. This is because most “mainstream” doctors, so-called “scientists” and the public-at-large scoff at the possibility that companies and the government are lying to them, or at the least, ignoring the reality that not all medical treatments, like vaccines, are safe for everyone all of the time. And, because of this ignorance or outright scamming – because most people, even scientists, doctors, and government officials, are out for themselves in constant search of more power or money – things are nary to change.

This thought is completely scary to any rational, thinking individual, because if things don’t change, the continued cover-up of vaccine damage being done to people will continue to remain hidden. The total lack of education of the public to the fact that these new COVID vaccines have never been made before and the fact that we do not know what they will do to us, should be even more thought-provoking. Unfortunately, most people go-along to get-along, so they won’t question the safety of this COVID-vaccine, for whatever reason.

Of course, it’s not popular to question things and, like myself, will be considered a kooky tin-foil hat-wearer for asking questions about something that exists in this world and to which people believe there’s a need because they’ve been told that there is a health crisis, when there really isn’t. People wear masks and enforce face-diaper edicts, that are unscientific and are plainly “whacked-out” in logic and reality. In this same mode, people are weary of this alleged “pandemic” and so they will accept a shot in the arm without thinking twice, because they believe this will end the lockdowns and mask-wearing.

What they don’t know, or refuse to understand, is that the people who are telling you to get a vax, are also “warning” you that the shot won’t “end the pandemic” and we’re still going to have to indefinitely wear face-diapers and “social distance” and “open things up slowly, if ever again at all.”

You’re being lied to. You’re being made a fool – just like anyone who believes that either Trump or Biden will be the saviors of the free world. Look around you – are you really, truly free when you have to be told to wear something that only serves to condition you to slavery? A slave to the mask? Anyone trying to tell you that masks will prevent COVID (or any other disease spread) are misinformed, ignorant or are outright lying to you.

The facts are on my side, but this information probably won’t make it to you because I’m being censored, as are most people who speak about truth because we’re considered dangerous to “public health” because apparently questioning people about the stuff they want to blindly inject into your body is dangerous, but the ingredients and the technology in them (like the genetically-modified RNA sequences in the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine), could never, ever hurt anybody because in the world of the insane, science is absolute and those who have the most money make the science.

The truth is often inconvenient. Yet, just stop and think for a second – if vaccines were so safe, then why do the makers of them have special protection against you from suing them? People often sue against dangerous drugs, even car manufacturers, restaurants and food manufacturers, and even toy makers – but companies who push and market vaccines that are jabbed directly into your body are completely exempt from wrongdoing?!? That makes complete sense – only to a moron.

Wake up and smell the coffee. These companies claim to be here for you – where are they for those who’ve died, been physically or mentally debilitated, or been made pariahs by society because of their beliefs or their personal suffering from vaccines?

Oh, and the media is complicit in this too – often, media’s number one money-maker are drug and vaccine ads by the same corporations who tell you to “go to sleep, don’t question, just get the vaccine.”

Unless vaccine manufacturers can be held to the same liability that a murderer is made accountable for their deeds, I will never trust them or the government, who pushes these things in the guise of “public health (who is not working in mine or your best interest), ever again. I don’t think you should either, but don’t ever say you never had any information. Don’t be a sheep.

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