DOD Documents: Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine – Curative

Date: January 19, 2022
MOVCAC Contributor:  Sean P. Keefe

With the deluge of media malpractice washing away all of mainstream media, Project Veritas stands as a shining lighthouse of truth.  As this pandemic approaches the beginning of its third year, Project Veritas is investigating and exposing Dr. Fauci’s role in funding the gain of function research that is proving to be the basis of this virus. 

This reporting is very thorough and meticulously documented.  I encourage you to seek out the full report found on their Telegram page (

In their report, Project Veritas provides as evidence various Department of Defense (DoD) documents.  One of these discusses the effectiveness of both Hydroxychloriquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin:

            “Ivermectin (identified as curative in April 2020) works throughout all phases of illness because it both inhibits viral replication and modulates the immune response.  Of note, chloroquine phosphate (Hydroxychloriquine, identified April 2020 as curative) is identified in the proposal as a SARSr-CoV inhibitor, as is interferon (identified May 2020 as curative).”

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The word ‘curative’ means:

  1. Serving or tending to cure

  2. Of or relating to the cure of a disease

If Project Veritas reporting is correct, our own Department of Defense had identified, as early as April 2020, both Ivermectin and HCQ as cures for Covid.  At the very least, their assessment meant that these therapeutics deserved attention.  Attention that President Trump attempted to give.

As of April 2020, West Virginia and Ohio had only lost forty-four and nine hundred and seventy-five citizens to Covid, respectively.  That number had risen to 5,516 (WV) and 30,922 (OH) as of January 14, 2022.  If our government knew that Ivermectin and HCQ were cures for this virus and withheld that information, isn’t that a crime against humanity?  How many of the subsequent 35,419 West Virginia and Ohio deaths could have been avoided?   

As a reminder, the comparison of cumulative deaths by state is displayed below.  West Virginia continues to rank 50th, and Ohio 46th, out of 51 (includes Washington D.C.) when comparing cumulative deaths before vaccines were available (calendar year 2020) and after (2021 & 2022).  How many of these deaths could have been avoided with early treatment using either HCQ or Ivermectin?

Our children and grandchildren are falling further and further behind academically because of missed classes and ineffective virtual learning.  When they did return, they were forced to wear a filthy, ineffective facial obstruction.  What damage has been done to our children in the name of a disease our own government knew was curable?

How many workers have been fired because they declined to take an experimental shot in exchange for their continued employment? 

How many West Virginia and Ohio citizens lost their livelihoods because of the economic devastation caused by lockdowns and social distancing protocols?

How many people have been barred from being with their loved ones as they died?

How many family relationships and close friendships have been damaged or destroyed by the divisiveness of this Covid propaganda?

If these documents are correct, our government knew there was a cure.  They hid that cure from us and allowed all of these inhumane consequences to occur.

We The People of West Virginia and Ohio demand an investigation take place to determine if our government knew that Ivermectin and HCQ were acceptable alternative treatments for Covid-19.  We must demand that government officials and media operatives who withheld this life-saving knowledge be held accountable for all of these preventable deaths.

I urge you to call Governor Justice and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey in West Virginia, and Governor DeWine and Attorney General Dave Yost in Ohio, to demand the states investigate these Department of Defense documents showing HCQ and Ivermectin as “curative” to determine if they are authentic and, if so, to determine why an experimental mRNA therapy has been pushed at all levels of government while these inexpensive early treatments were suppressed.

Governor Jim Justice – (304)558-2000

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey – (304)558-2021

Governor Mike DeWine – (614)644-4357

Attorney General Dave Yost – (800)282-0515

When you call or email your elected officials, please tell them MOVCAC sent you.

A response to a message left for Governor Jim Justice asking for comment has yet to be received.

If our government knew a cure existed and they let people die without even trying that cure, then over 35,000 preventable West Virginia and Ohio deaths are blood on someone’s hands. 

Some cultures would call that murder.


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