November 28, 2021 – Week in Review

MOVCAC Meeting Nov. 22, 2021
185 In Attendance

Death of Isaac Martin at Marietta Memorial Hospital

Cindy, wife of Isaac Martin, was in attendance at this meeting and was made aware that there would be a discussion and report on her husband’s death. She was supportive of the narration. Cindy had repeatedly tried to move her husband to another facility once it was determined that he was not receiving the treatment and care they both expected. Her request, along with her medical power of attorney, fell on deaf ears at the hospital. Eventually, she was escorted out of the hospital by Marietta police officers and was banned from returning. A member of the MOVCAC Patient Advocate Bulldogs stayed with Isaac Martin through his last hours and read from the Bible to him. Upon his passing, members of the team found Cindy, who was parked near the hospital, and informed her of his death. During the days preceding his death, many people in authority were contacted about the situation and conditions at MMH. No one offered help. The local media would not run the story

Powers of Attorney

Everyone at the meeting was encouraged to get the necessary paperwork in order before it is needed. Medical and general powers of attorney should be reviewed and updated every five years. A general power of attorney will not suffice for healthcare. Although it is questionable if hospitals will honor these documents, it is better to have them than not. Paperwork covering these issues may be found on the MOVCAC website and are also available from online sites. Questions 304-482-4676.

The conclusion of the Patient Advocate Watchdog group remains—Attempt to stay out of the hospital.  Take control of your own health. The covid illness which is being touted as “death if you get it” is treatable especially if treatment is started early. Don’t let fear impair your logic. Common sense tells us there is something wrong with the experimental shot. Nobody is liable for your injuries from it. Stand up and fight for your health.

WV Senator Boley’s Meeting

Members of the MOVCAC Wellness Team met with some senate members last week in Parkersburg and informed them of the situation with Isaac Martin and today’s standard hospital protocol, which includes remdesivir, which is known to shut down the patient’s organs, and ventilators, which too often are a death sentence. The legislators were unaware of the situation and the treatment plans being used.

WV Vax Clinics for Children

Information Advocates are handing out flyers, with accurate information about the shots, to parents or guardians who are bringing their children to the WV vax clinics for injections. Volunteers are needed to assist with this effort. If interested, phone 304-991-3581.

Parental Consent

Parents should inquire as to what “consent” may mean in their children’s school. In some cases, notices about impending shots or other issues are posted in obscure places on the school website and the wording can be confusing. Sometimes the wording may mean that if your child is present on the day when a procedure is to take place, it means you have granted consent for your child. Take time to send a note to your school for your child’s file.  The note should read “Written consent must be given by me before my child receives any form of healthcare, including mental or physical, and/or they are placed in questionable classroom learning experiments.” Make sure you follow up with the school to determine that this note is in your child’s file. Document everything.  Remember the school has no right to ask a child if they are vaccinated.

A lawsuit against the Wood County BOE

The lawsuit against the Wood County Board of Education is progressing. The lawsuit involves the BOE’s authority to mask children in the school system. If this lawsuit is successful, it will have a domino effect on all WV schools.

Freedom’s Light Podcast
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Mike Lindell’s Historic Interview With President Donald J. Trump
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