A goofy experiment reveals a very dark underbelly to it all.

March 22, 2017

WATCH: White Guy Tells Students He “Identifies” as Tall Chinese Woman. Their Reaction is…

Americans used to take pride in being “ungovernable.” Now, thanks to the madness of identity politics, our youth are quickly becoming all too pliable.

As part of an impromptu sociological study, the Family Policy Institute’s Joseph Backholm went to the University of Washington to gauge the reactions of students to a completely absurd assertion. Namely, Backholm told the students that he — a short white man — identifies as a 6’5″ Chinese woman and as you are about to see, the liberal students went overboard being politically correct and agreeing with him no matter how outrageous the reporter viewed himself…

As goofy as this experiment may seem, there is a very dark underbelly to it all.

Namely, as Rod Dreher notes in his article “Dictatorship Of The Dimwits,” the gross tolerance of identity politics makes people “ripe for dictatorship,” via The American Conservative.

How? It’s quite simple, actually. By making intolerance intolerable, the far-left has successfully made Americans afraid of showing any kind of moral or value judgement when it comes to identity or sexual orientation. In turn, this enforced open-mindedness leaves people open to other suggestions of cultural authoritarianism.

In many ways, the takeover of the American college campus represents both something quite new and very old.

On the one hand, as Scott Greer notes in his new book No Campus for White Men, the entire push for trans rights, social justice, and identity politics can only work so long as white, Christian men remain everyone’s enemy. This is why ethnic groups that historically played no role in the African slave trade have squeezed money out of federal programs designed to help American blacks. After all, since everyone is oppressed by the blood libel of “white privilege,” the white male patriarchy in Washington, D.C. must pay for the wounds suffered.

Anti-white and anti-Christian attitudes also drive the Democrat Party, which increasingly finds its base among brainwashed college students who mistake ethnic masochism for high idealism.

On the other hand, identity politics is in many ways just another form of bread and circuses. Walter Benn Michaels, an old school leftist and orthodox Marxist, outlined in his book The Trouble with Diversity how diversity initiatives are just well-supported distractions.

Corporate America, the government, and the university are all too willing to back calls for diversity simply because it keeps Americans from thinking about the economic exploitation caused by globalization, the man-made crisis of illegal immigration, and the declining health of American citizens.

It is sad to say, but many of our fellow citizens have bought into those distractions, which keep them brain dead. From identity politics to the overuse of SSRI medication, the liberal elites of this country are successfully dulling our senses in order to make domination easier.

As the University of Washington students show, as long as young people have easy access to sex, drugs, and Netflix — and as long as white men are called “evil” at every turn — they will never rebel. It’s time to rethink our approach to “higher” education.







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