Medicaid expansion foundering – Calls Must be Made Monday

The “Obamacare” label could doom Gov. John Kasich’s plan to accept billions in federal dollars to cover 275,000 more uninsured poor Ohioans.

Despite weeks of public and private attempts at persuasion, the governor faces an unrelenting rebellion within his own party from lawmakers who oppose expanding Medicaid or even the remotest association with President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Some House Republicans are being directly threatened by tea-party-affiliated groups with a 2014 primary fight if they vote for anything that even looks like Medicaid expansion.

In a recent letter to Rep. Anne Gonzales, R-Westerville, Chris Littleton, head of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, pledged to use direct mail to target voters if she decides to “take Obamacare funding.”

“We will bank these voters for the future, gather additional contact info from them with multiple touches (phone and door to door) from now until 2014 and have them geared up to vote for someone else in the primary,” he warned her.   READ THE ENTIRE STORY


ACTION NOW – Phone calls and emails

Make sure to contact your state representative and tell them to vote NO on any expansion of Medicaid. Find them at

Two name that must be called Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th and “TELL” them to Vote NO

William G. Batchelder (R)
Speaker of the House
(614) 466-8140

Barbara R. Sears (R)
Majority Floor Leader
(614) 466-1731

The government takeover of healthcare remains the fight of our lifetime, yet something in which we have had incredible success.

If possible, please pass this video along to your groups, friends and family and ask them to engage their legislators as well. No Medicaid expansion in Ohio!


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