Marietta School Board

Your Help Is Needed

We hear from Angela Feathers speak about issues with the Marietta School Board, we need to help her with this group. Below is a note from Angela. Please respond that you can go and stand with her. Email your name and phone number so she can contact you.

I need the public to attend the Marietta City School Districts Board of Education meetings. They are held the 4th Monday each month at 5:30 p.m. and are usually over by 6:30 p.m. Giving you plenty of time to head out to Reno for the 9-12 meeting.

The next meeting is November 26 at the Marietta High School, 208 Davis Drive. I will give you a room number as to where in the High School they are going to hold the meeting as soon as they contact me.

The reason for plea is our tax dollars are being mishandled. As you have read in the Marietta Times our Assistant Treasurer has stolen well over $100,000 and the investigation continues as we speak. In talking with the Ohio State Auditors office, they will continue to review the records for fraud. Keeping in mind this Assistant Treasurer has been in office for 28 years. Our Chief Fiscal Officer was unable to catch the theft, however, the State of Ohio Auditor discovered it with a simple audit. This Assistant Treasurer was able to deposit the monies, write checks, sign checks, and balance the bank statements. The Marietta City School District has no check and balance system in place to avoid theft. Our school system has laid off several teachers, omitted classes, and asked us to pay more taxes. Our tax dollars are not being protected. We entrusted the school system with our faith and passed the levies only to find out that we have an Assistant Treasurer able to continually write checks to herself and no one is even monitoring our monies. At the last board meeting the Chief Fiscal Officer has already announced that we will again be asked to renew another levy in 2016 to keep the district operating in the black. Please plan on attending a few board meetings. We need to let the Marietta City School District know that the tax payers are watching!

Thank you
Angela Feathers

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