Lobbyists vs. Ohio Citizens

From the Columbus Dispatch on Obamacare expansion in Ohio: “Gov. John Kasich continued his push for Medicaid expansion in Ohio by framing Republican lawmakers’ resistance as politically motivated.”

Governor Kasich – what a disingenuous statement. Let’s just look at the hard reality of this fight. At the end of the day – its lobbyists vs. citizens, and not much more. The political-crony class vs. the producing class.

The story from those in the producing class opposing Obamacare-KasichCare expansion: We are concerned citizens who want absolutely nothing from government or anyone else but the best possible care for every Ohioan, including our own families. We argue that expanding government control of healthcare does harm to the healthcare system, leading to far worse outcomes for those who need care the most and even more expensive care for everyone in Ohio.

We regularly explain that studies on Medicaid have shown that “surgical patients on Medicaid are 13 percent more likely to die than those without insurance of any kind.” We do not want to see a failing system expanded in any way because it will do further damage to those who really need help.

We also say that by taking Obama’s debt funded billions to expand government healthcare in Ohio, we are further crippling America and robbing our children and grandchildren of a future.

Taking Obama’s money to expand government healthcare in Ohio is a morally horrible thing to do, and an equally reckless financial decision to make.

The story of lobbyists who take Kasich’s side – the truly politically motivated side. Many of us have spent a great deal of time in Columbus observing who is pushing for Obamacare expansion in Ohio. The facts reflect a startling reality as to who will benefit from the government takeover of healthcare in our state. Its not citizens. The billions in taxpayer money gives the lobbyists extreme motivation to push for this Obamacare expansion, so it begs the question – who will really benefit?

In one testimony before lawmakers, urging them to take Obama’s money for Ohio, a hospital CEO named James Pancoast begged for more money for his hospital. It’s important to note that his hospital is a non-profit, taxpayer subsidized hospital that has yearly revenue near $1 billion with net income over $40 million. Just a tiny bit of research on Mr. Pancoast and you’ll find out where a chunk of money from his non-profit, taxpayer subsidized hospital is going – to his $2.3 million a year compensation package, up 72% since 2010 according to the Dayton Daily News.

In fact, Kasich’s budget and his Obamacare expansion plans have brought so much attention from the lobbying community that the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported on one Statehouse lobbyist who jokingly likened the budget to a stimulus for him and his colleagues. The lobbyist said, “It’s the lobbyist full-employment act.”

Lobbyists are pushing Ohio lawmakers to take money from you and your kids. They are in Columbus pushing legislators and making promises around the clock. They pound legislators every day they are in session, so it has become an unending line of people with their hand out – for your money.

And who do think will benefit from the all the crony corporate deals that bring millions to their companies next campaign season? John Kasich and the legislators who want the corporate money for re-election.

They will take your money, and use it to prop up more people who will support the crony corporate merry-go-round powered by taxpayer dollars.

So is there political motivation in this fight? Yes, there is.

And the most motivated people to fight for Obamacare expansion are the lobbyists, politicians and corporations who will be taking billions of dollars from you and your children.

It is you vs. the lobbyists.

Make sure you stop the people going to Columbus with their hands out by putting your hands up and saying – STOP! Stop destroying our healthcare system. Stop spending our money.

Tell your legislators to vote NO on any federal funds that will expand Obamacare through Medicaid in Ohio. And, tell them if they don’t vote NO on this Obamacare money – you’ll be voting NO on them in 2014. Contact them here: ohiohouse.gov

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